Dr. Trojanbee
David not Dave in Provo
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Trojanbee appears to be an individual with a large imagination, ego, and number of personalities.

On The WebEdit

Developer of a variety of web interfaces, personalities, and copy, Trojanbee spends most of his time on the web researching for his projects and testing/developing said projects. He also appears to be either student or faculty at BYU due to his ip in chat

Involvement with Buzz Out LoudEdit

One of the original members of the BOL Live Chat Team/Club, Trojanbee was usually to busy or lazy to add content to Buzz Out Loud. He has currently (As of 3/11/08) become more active- apparently because the advent of the BOL Live Chat Era. General Buzz Out Loud activity has increased because of the Live Chat, and as he was one of the originators of said trend, it seems obvious that he would stay along for this crazy ride.

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