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TechTeacher is a listener from Australia, but he has his interests in tech. He's also one of your friendly chatroom ops on #cnetfans, but spends most of his time on #the-404. Wait, can I say that? I was also BrisbaneListenr in the chat, just to clarify any confusion!

If you're in the chat at around 9am US Eastern/12am Australian Eastern in #cnetfans or #the-404, you'll catch me in the middle of my Midnight Fridge Raid.


Just a tech enthusiast living in Australia.

On The Web

One of your friendly chatroom ops on #cnetfans. There's always someone to talk to on overnights in the chat. :-P But you'll always get either a Celine Dion, Britney Spears or another pop song song stuck in your head once you talk to me. Yeah, I give that effect.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud

I've actually been a listener since the beginning, been through the transitions from a weekly to a daily podcast, when Veronica came in and left, and now recently Natali the new host. I had suggested the show title for episode 404 (no pun intended towards The 404).

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