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Tales is Alex, an amazing, red-headed high school student in the Netherlands. Almost no one in chat realizes that Tales was only fifteen years old when WatchBOL started. He is now seventeen. Another shocker is that he speaks English as a second language. He is an OP in #CNETFans and now a co admin with DAKlives and Gknee.

One of Tales' ambitions is to move to San Francisco and work for CNET.

On The Web[]

Tales loves BOL and all CNET shows, tinkering with his iPhone, adding to his blog, playing games, Twittering and fixing the computers of his friends and neighbors. He's also an avid photographer.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Tales started listening to BOL in August 2005 and is a frequent contributor in chat and via email. In addition, he is mentioned on Gadgettes almost weekly. The recording takes place around midnight his time when he's in bed with his Macbook. Before playing the theme for the It's About Time segment (a loud alarm beep) Jason says, "Sorry Tales".

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