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User surfingtheweb from Florida loves to help others with their tech questions. Usually will always be in the chat around 3:00 PM or later and always has an extra tab open in his web browser in order to find something on the internet extremely fast. Everyday he races home from high school (senior year whoo!) just so he can turn on the computer and log on to the chat and watch a CNET Live show.

When bored with the internet (usually after a CNET live show has ended), surfingtheweb usually plays with his Nintendo 64, as his new goal is to try to beat Super Mario 64 (he has had it for 14 years and never beat it until now). Surfingtheweb is also an amazing Mario Kart player. Right now (as of August 25, 2010), surfingtheweb is applying for colleges to go to film school. His top choice would be NYU, but has others in mind.

Surfingtheweb got his nickname by thinking it would be cool to literally surf the web. But thats not possible. He does go on the internet everyday. He has a Facebook, deleted his Myspace, but does not have a twitter because he believes that Facebook does the same thing. Surfingtheweb used to have a website, but it went down when Yahoo! discontinued He does not have a blog either. He is a fan of, where his average WPM is 85.

One goal surfingtheweb would like to achieve is getting moderator privileges in the chatroom, but does not believe it will happen anytime soon!