Tom Merritt

Tom in the BOL Studio (Nice Hair)

The Buzz Out Loud Studio, Studio B, is used for multiple podcasts at CNET. Buzz Out Loud itself is recorded daily at approximately 10:30 AM Pacific Time. Molly Wood once complained that there were crumbs left all over her console before a show. Apparently, the studio was outfitted with no expense spared, as Molly Wood once stated that amateur podcasters sometimes ask what their equipment is, and she feels that because they have a professionally designed studio, it isn't really fair to compare. See Live Stream History for past equipment info.

Currently, Stephen uses a digital Logitek Remora mixer. Electro Voice RE27 mics.

Studio TourEdit

Buzz Out Loud Studio Tour

Buzz Out Loud Studio Tour

Phatemokid and Amy's visit in the BOL studio: [BOL Tour]


The hosts of Buzz Out Loud sit on either side of a large table, not quite opposite one another. Each 'station' sports a IBM Monitor and keyboard, and an Electrovoice RE-20 microphone with windscreen, ElectroVoice 309A shockmount, and OC White ProBoom 51900 stand. Each computer, running Windows XP in classic theme, has the day's story queue, emails, and voice mails that had been arranged in preparation for the show. Both microphones feed through different preamps and processing hardware into the broadcast console at the end of the table.


Jason Howell

Jason in Production

The producer, currently Stephen, formerly Jason Howell, previously Veronica Belmont, sits in a control area on the other side of the studio, at the end of the host area. Host microphones (as well as an identical mic for the producer) feed through different preamps and processing hardware into the broadcast console used by Jason to set and adjust levels. This console also has inputs from the phone system by Telos, computers for various bits of audio and Skype calls during the show, and other various sources.

From the mixer, the signal goes through a few more processing boxes (all of these compressors, preamps, etc. are located in a rack mounted on the studio wall) into a computer running the open-source Audacity program, used for recording and editing.

Voice MailEdit

When a listener calls into Buzz Out Loud, they are greeted with a standard voice mail system. However, when they leave their message, the audio files are transferred to a server on the CNET system, and into a partition specifically for BOL voice mail. A member of the cast of the show can then summon these in preparation.

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