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"I can't believe they're releasing this crap. Who the hell is going to buy it?"

~ John C. Dvorak

It has been rumored on Buzz Out Loud that Apple will soon be introducing a new product, Steve Jobs' Shoe. It will reportedly come in black and white, with the black costing 150$ more then the white one.[O really?] It is also rumored by John C. Dvorak that the shoe will "stink".[typical crankyness]

When asked why Apple plans to only release Jobs' right shoe, Jobs claimed that "people don't wear left shoes anymore."

Another reported item is Steve Jobs' Fanny Pack.


  • Acclaimed technology reviewer and geek personality, Leo Laporte recently received a review-model of Steve Jobs' Shoe and had very positive things to say about it.[1]
  • Adam Curry recently talked about the shoe on his podcast, the Daily Source Code, coming to the conclusion, that it's against his radical political views to own such a thing and saying that "(...) the people at Apple really need to wake up and smell the shoe polish."[2]
  • Security expert Steve Gibson recently discovered a serious security vulnerability in the way the laces are tied. Apple responded by claiming the shoe to be "flawless" and deleting all forum-posts claiming otherwise.[3]


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