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Ryan Karolak is a student at Central Michigan University. He is also a student technician at Central Michigan University. On the internet he has two blogs and is active on many different social networks. On the internet he is also known as Vegabondsx, Vegabondmx, and Vamadeus.


Ryan went to highschool at Brighton Highschool in Brighton, MI. In highschool he studied a large amount graphic design and drawing and painting. The following summer he worked as a graphics assistant and printing press operator for Brighton Area Schools.

In College he is studying Information Technology and minoring in Multimedia Design, Production, and Technology at Central Michigan University. He is currently working as a student technician and webmaster for the Computer Science Department at CMU.

Buzz Out Loud[]

While in the past he hasn't a frequent contributor to the show, Ryan is a long time listener having listening for around two years and is now contributing to the Buzz Out Loud Wiki and is active in the #bolchat IRC Channel. A list of contributions can be found here. Ryan is also an active member on the CNET website.

Look for Ryan under the nick Vegabondmx in #bolchat at .

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