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Randall Bennett used to host CNET-New York's podcast The 404 and has guest-hosted several episodes of Buzz Out Loud. According to CNET,

Randall Bennett is an associate producer for CNET TV. He's made his way around the web 2.0 world, working for sites like Netscape, Engadget and DV Guru before making his way to CNET. Prior to that, Randall sojurned in local television. Recently married, he's still working on some of the idiosyncracies of the female gender.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Bennett is a guest host of BOL. He was also on the "hijack episode", episode 13.5 of The 404, which was included in Buzz Out Loud's RSS feed[1], approximating a common practice for TV spin-offs to debut in a popular show's time slot. However, negative listener reaction established that the practice does not translate well to podcasting, even though many BOL listeners subscribed to The 404 and enjoy its hosts' guest appearances on Buzz Out Loud. He now hosts his own show, TechVi at which covers one story in tech per day inviting guests via web camera and telephone.

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