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Natali Del Conte (born August 28, 1978, in San Leandro, California) is a technology journalist and online media personality. She was recently the writer and host of the online technology Podcast news show, TeXtra (a mevio network original), as well as a guest writer and host for a number of other publications. In early 2008 Natali left Podshow for CNET where she hosts a news show, Loaded, and covers events like CES. She also makes regular appearances as a consumer tech guru on mainstream TV shows.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

As of a Jan 14, 2009 announcement, Del Conte is a daily host on BOL, along with Tom Merritt and Jason Howell.[1] She was previously a BOL guest host. She was also on episode 13.5 of The 404 which "hijacked" the BOL feed at CES.[1] Since the 1000th episode, she hosted BOL twice a week. On Feb 04, 2010, it was announced, that Natali will no longer be a regular host of the podcast. She will only fill-in for other hosts.


Del Conte graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California in 1996 and went on to receive her BA in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Journalism from California State University, Hayward in 2000. She then received her MA in Sociology with an emphasis in Mass Media from the University of Southern California in 2004. As a graduate student, she was fully funded through the James Irvine Foundation through the Irvine Fellowship. She completed all coursework towards a gender certificate, meaning her work also concentrated around gender studies. Natali was funded to complete a PhD in sociology and finished all required courses towards the doctorate but never took her qualifying exams or completed a dissertation.


Natali’s first journalism job out of college was as a staff writer for the Features section of the Oakland Tribune. She stayed there a year before leaving for graduate school in 2001. After graduate school, Natali took a year sabbatical and taught yoga at Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. When she returned to the Bay Area, she did a short stint in public relations for SHIFT Communications where she represented enterprise technology companies. Natali left SHIFT Communications in order to return to journalism in 2005. She began freelancing for MarketWatch, Variety, The Oakland Tribune, Hispanic Magazine, and others. In late 2005, she was hired as a business reporter for the San Francisco Examiner.

In 2006, Natali joined the news desk at PC Magazine. In October of 2006, she was recruited by TechCrunch and left to work there for a short stint.

While working for PC Magazine, Natali began making appearances on Cranky Geeks, which launched her video career quite unexpectedly. Adam Curry noticed her on an episode of {{wp|Cranky Geeks and contacted her with the idea of doing her own show for the Podshow network. Natali left TechCrunch in December of 2006 and joined Podshow full time. Natali, Adam, and the production staff at Podshow developed TeXtra in January of 2007 and the show launched on February 13, 2007.

In December 2007 it was announced that Natali would be leaving Podshow for CNET TV in 2008, so TeXtra has shut down. Natali's new show, LOADED started in February 2008 with coverage from CES [2].

While doing LOADED, Natali freelances[3] for Wired (magazine), PC Magazine, [[[wikipedia:AppScout|AppScout]], Aware Magazine, and ELLEgirl. She also makes regular appearances on Geek Brief, G4TV’s Attack of the Show, and Cranky Geeks.


Natali is the oldest child of Tom and Wanda Del Conte, and spent her early childhood in Fremont, California. She has one sister, Linzi, who is three years younger. Natali is part Puerto Rican, part Hawaiian, and part Italian[4], and currently lives in New York City[5]. She has over 90 pairs of shoes and is a self-proclaimed good cook and knitter. Also, she can recite the lyrics of any cheesy song from the 80's and belongs to the best book club in the Bay.


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