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Mr. President[]

Buzz Town's "Security Organization" President


Zach, better known as Mr. President, was born and raised in southern Indiana. He now attends a college in Cincinnati, Ohio. His favorite activities include listening to BOL and cycling.


Zach is completing the first of two undergraduate degrees in Inter-cultural Studies and Theology. He plans to begin Master of Theology and Anthropology work within the next two years. Following the completion of the prior mentioned degrees, Zach plans on completing his doctorate in 'Educational Leadership within a multi-cultural environment' by 2012.

Career and Goals[]

After seeing a need, a handful of people from around the world joined forces to start a "security organization" with the purpose of "helping and protecting" the unsuspecting. Zach holds the office of President and the honor of co-founder. The Private Security Organization, known only by the letters NSS, currently employees over 200 people in over five countries and twenty states. Zach called BOL back in early 2007 concerning hard drive reformatting and data recovery.

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