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Transcriber's note[]

This was written by a disgruntled anole. Inaccuracies may have been introduced for its own amusement.


mors_d is a long-time BoL listener, and now finds himself sneaking off from the live stream and chat to do work...


He has, on occasion, been asked what the _d part of his nick means. The response is usually that it is an old form of the nick that is only used because most logins can not be four characters long. Likewise, he does not use the current nick very often as ten characters seems a bit too long in most cases.

On The Web[]

mors_d leaves a history of USENET postings and IRC logs in his wake, even if it really is all about the 'web these days.

He claims to have, at one time, had his own website running from his own server. But, now mutters something about bad RTCs and WatchDog EEPROMs ruining all the fun. There wasn't much there anyway. There is a quickly abandoned LiveJournal, and a blog squirreled away in an obscure-ish corner of the Internet.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

mors_d spends a reasonable amount of time in the #CNETFans chat room (moreso now that he has become an op) on the GeekShed network and will occasionally send an e-mail.

Read e-mail[]

  • Episode 369 on various version numbers of Windows.

Chatroom chip-ins[]

  • Episode 932 (as mors_killeavy) possibly in the pre/post-show.
  • Episode 978.
  • Episode 1077.
  • Episode 1237 in disbelief that someone made a SCRAM-Jet that worked.
  • Episode 1360 that using the wrong OS in advertisements is rather common.
  • Episode 1387 on a more correct pronunciation of "Ophiuchus". Which, in hindsight was wrong.
  • Episode 1535 on the affects of Hot Tubs and sperm quality in comparison to cellular telephones and the same...


  • wait, what?!

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