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Mike in Dayton
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Dayton, OH


I have been listening to BOL since late 2006. It is safe to say BOL was one of the first podcasts my podcatcher thingy caught. I have been hooked ever since.

On The Web[]

When I'm not working in the public sector, I throw myself into my hobbies: grilling, homebrew, and photography. As I describe, it is something to eat, something to drink, and then something to remember it by. Yes, I am one of those foodie type folks who enjoy spending hours slaving away at the grill in all types of weather and then documenting my exploits on the interwebs.

Homebrewing is cheap, fun, rewarding, and makes the time spent at the grill go by much, much faster. The beer is also the reason most of my meals are late.

Photographing food is enjoyable, because unlike kittens, children, or people, it doesn't move. Also, food photographs make me hungry, of which the opposite is true of photographs of kittens, children, or people.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

I am fortunate to have contributed to BOL by having several emails and voicemails used on the show. To me, having the ability to contribute simply enriches the BOL experience. I feel in some way I can relate to all of the hosts of the show, which is probably why BOL has held my interest for so long. It is a great group of people talking about things I find interesting.