Michael James Crider
Sun, September 13, 1987 (31)
College Station, TX


Mike is a college student and graphic designer from College Station, Texas. He currently attends the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, where he plans to graduate in 2011 with a Graphic Design degree. He works for a local distribution company outputting the majority of their Point-of-Sale graphics. Mike is an avid podcast listener and web junkie, though BOL is the only podcast to which he regularly contributes.

On The WebEdit

Mike maintains identities on Facebook, Pownce, Digg, eBay, and posts his graphic art at DeviantArt. He is a fan of all things Google, being a regular user of Google Calendar, Mail, Reader, News, Desktop and Earth. He is a self-titled "Apple-picker", taking every chance he can to poke fun at Apple and the cult of Mac.

Involvement with Buzz Out LoudEdit

Mike has been listening to Buzz Out Loud since the summer of 2006. Mike's emails/voicemail have been featured seven times to date on the Buzz Out Loud podcast:

Episode Date Subject
451 April 12, 2007 iTunes EULA prohibits use in WMD applications
599 November 7, 2007 Palm software to outlive predictions; featured in Final Fantasy: Spirits Within movie
639 January 14, 2008 8hands application congregates social network information; Mike called a "social tool"
654 February 6, 2008 Mike defends eBay's decision to stop Buyer feedback; is riled by Tom Merrit for being an Aggie
656 February 8, 2008 Gizmodo reports Dell servers in upcoming Iron Man movie; Mike challenges Mac user from previous episode
701 April 11, 2008 Mike reveals his naivete by calling in to worry about BOL's imminent demise.
734 May 29, 2008 Mike proposes a burrito-inspired solution to the reported "Wifi allergies" and in-building networks. Mike is once again lambasted for his Aggie nature, and is also accused of being an alien.

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