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Michael James Crider
Sun, September 13, 1987 (34)
College Station, TX


Mike is a college student and graphic designer from College Station, Texas. He currently attends the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, where he plans to graduate in 2011 with a Graphic Design degree. He works for a local distribution company outputting the majority of their Point-of-Sale graphics. Mike is an avid podcast listener and web junkie, though BOL is the only podcast to which he regularly contributes.

On The Web[]

Mike maintains identities on Facebook, Pownce, Digg, eBay, and posts his graphic art at DeviantArt. He is a fan of all things Google, being a regular user of Google Calendar, Mail, Reader, News, Desktop and Earth. He is a self-titled "Apple-picker", taking every chance he can to poke fun at Apple and the cult of Mac.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Mike has been listening to Buzz Out Loud since the summer of 2006. Mike's emails/voicemail have been featured seven times to date on the Buzz Out Loud podcast:

Episode Date Subject
451 April 12, 2007 iTunes EULA prohibits use in WMD applications
599 November 7, 2007 Palm software to outlive predictions; featured in Final Fantasy: Spirits Within movie
639 January 14, 2008 8hands application congregates social network information; Mike called a "social tool"
654 February 6, 2008 Mike defends eBay's decision to stop Buyer feedback; is riled by Tom Merrit for being an Aggie
656 February 8, 2008 Gizmodo reports Dell servers in upcoming Iron Man movie; Mike challenges Mac user from previous episode
701 April 11, 2008 Mike reveals his naivete by calling in to worry about BOL's imminent demise.
734 May 29, 2008 Mike proposes a burrito-inspired solution to the reported "Wifi allergies" and in-building networks. Mike is once again lambasted for his Aggie nature, and is also accused of being an alien.

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