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Mike the Internal Auditor
Sat, November 13, 1982 (39)
Arlington, VA
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Relying on BOL to keep him sane while on the drive around the Beltway, Mike has been a proud BOL listener since he began his former job at an accounting firm in June of 2005. Used as a tool to keep Mike's road rage in check on the way to and from work, the candid and witty banter of Tom, Molly and Veronica/Jason have been a lifesaver. While not a tech geek by profession (he's an internal auditor for a large hotel chain, such as the one across the street from CNET), Mike enjoys keeping on the leading edge of today's technology.

On one occasion, Mike had a clear dream that he met Tom in San Francisco in his CNET office. Unsure of what the dream means, his fiancee suggested he cut down on the BOL for a while, but he protested vehemently.

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Mike started listening to the podcast in June 2005 is the brain child of the Annual Prediction show. Amazingly enough, he is still humble.

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