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In Episode 710, Larry, a longtime contributor and satirist, actively campaigned for Mayor of Buzztown, which sparked a flurry of interest in which none other than Dr. M himself bid for the position on Episode 714.

The hosts explained that Buzztown is a benign dictatorial monarchy. In Episode 715 the monarchs decreed that they would recognize one "Lord Mayor" elected by online poll, who will win an opportunity to address the royal subjects of Buzz Town, and the authority to convey any other titles, such as the coveted Minister of Bacon.

In Episode 717, HRH Molly proclaimed the mayoral election must be held "soon", because November would drag out the campaign too long. Now, to shorten the U.S. Presidential election season...

In Episode 745, the monarchs reversed Episode 717. The mayoral election will be held on the same day (but not the same ballot) as the U.S. Presidential Election; Tuesday, November 4, 2008.


The Candidates section has been created for the purpose of announcing your candidacy and campaigning for the position of your choice. As of Episode 715, it appears "Lord Mayor" is the only title that will be directly recognized by the crown(s), and that Buzz Town Center will conduct the official poll.


A list of political parties with slates of candidates for various positions has be constructed at the Buzz Town Parliament page. Upon election the Lord Mayor will apparently have the power to adjust these positions at will.


A Constitution is currently being drafted for this momentous occasion, but hot-button issues threaten to stymie its ratification, particularly the contentious clause in Article III Section 3 authorizing the House of Buzzers to oversee the boiling of bacon, as discussed at length in the Episode 715 preshow.

The current version of the Constitution proposes an Athenian-style mayorship in which mayors are selected either by lot or royal decree to serve for a term of approximately 2.7 Julian milliyears. While this may seem to run contrary to the more recent monarchical dictates, the Constitution seems to have been weasel-worded well enough to allow for such royal edicts at every turn. Feel free to discuss and amend it into compliance.


The mayorship of Buzztown was discussed in these episodes:

Former Mayors[]

Since February 2008, Wiki and WatchBOL administrator Pb30 has been informally called the "Mayor of Buzztown", an unofficial title he did not actively seek. The mayor buzzlink originally pointed to Pb30, who has served honorably.

A "draft Pb30" campaign launched in Episode 716, but IRC trouble plaguing Episode 717 created the first scandal of the election, dubbed the "Reverend Mibbit" incident. It was quickly renounced as so much borking and swiftboating.

As mayors are selected, they should be logged here:

# Mayor Term Selected by
1. Pb30 2008-02-01 to ? unanimous consent