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The Linux Chaser started as a podcast segment on Buzz Out Loud, whereby the occurrence of 3 consecutive Apple stories would always be followed by one Linux story. During the lead-up to firefox 3 there were jokes about the opera chaser and Jason Howell improvised the theme tune with opera sung instead of linux The Linux Chaser segment was introduced to appease the Linux-Hippie citizens of Buzztown. This podcast segment was introduced during Episode 557. Shortly thereafter, the Linux Chaser was given its own theme song, created by Buzz Out Loud listener Alex[1] (forum handle: PrefabSprouter) for this Linux segment. This theme song wasn't included in Buzz Out Loud in the final parts of 2007 partly due to the lack of Linux news coupled with the love/hate relationship of this theme with many listeners.

The Linux Chaser made its return in Episode 640.

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