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Kalidor / ZZ / Shinkami / The Falcon
Mon, September 24, 1979 (42)
Toronto, ON, CA
CNET Forums

Toronto geek with more knowledge then common sense.


Kalidor, ZZ to his friends, is an IT specialist and technologist. The quintessential geek, he spends too much time seeking and trying to understand knowledge; often to the exclusion of common sense. His experiences include programming, hardware installation, network system design, deployment & management, and some basic teaching. Current professional interests focus on making life easier and more secure through technology. This is accomplished with the use a number of computer systems providing various automation and storage services, and remote access via his hand-held μpc and highly customizable HTC TyTN II phone.

He's married and happily living in Toronto. He is eager to meet other geeks in the area, and make full use of all the city has to offer. The city encourages some of Kalidor's interests like bicycle writing and photography by offering over 100 km of cycling lanes and trails that wind through some of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in North America. Additionally, he enjoys wall climbing, and the occasional camping trip.

Recently, Kalidor has taken an interest in, and has purchased a number of house geckos. His other current, and mostly summertime obsession is an 1990 FC (RX-7) which he recently purchased. He spends a lot of time working out the few electrical gremlins to bring the systems back to stock and is planning on a full repaint.

On The Web[]

Kalidor simply spends too much time on the web and the net alike His web-presence goes back further than he can remember, and includes numerous active accounts, as well as old abandoned test accounts. He tries to keep a set of links to his active engagements on his ClaimID.

He has had a hand in a number of beta testing assignments as well as some minor code fixes that have made it into tools used by a certain, relatively quite subsection of the net community.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Kalidor first started listening to Buzz Out Loud as a podcast in the later half of 2006. He started hanging out in the IRC channel for several months in the middle of 2008 but had to take a hiatus due to some major projects and next to zero personal time. In December of 2008 his professional responsibilities lessened and, after prepping some personal projects, he rejoined the peanut gallery and once again began to participate in the chat.

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