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Jonathan Woolson,

About Jonathan Woolson[]

Jonathan Woolson is the webmaster for SUNY Fredonia, freelance designer at thinkplaydesign, and regular BOL listener.

Tech Diet[]

My frenetic schedule leaves little time to read tech blogs so I listen to the highest-octane, tech podcasts -- I can listen and work at the same time: BOL (of course), TWIT, FLOSS Weekly, MacBreak Weekly

Tiny moment of fame[]

Jonathan Woolson was a recurring TV guest as a Macworld staff rep for TechTV's "Call for Help with Leo Laporte" in 1999 -- in the middle of the dot.Boom age of candy-colored iMacs, MP3s, and Napster.

Favorite web CMS[]

Drupal - see the Drupal song, animated by Elliott Rothman, former SUNY Fredonia professor of Visual Arts and New Media.

Personal show notes[]

BOL Ep.#869: Linux, the new pot[]

1. Scary comments about the teacher being threatened by her students distributing live CDs of open source software.
2. RE: the mystery song at the end of BOL#869 -- so very glad that the hive mind entity, JaMoTo+1, did attribute All My Internet Friends song properly in accordance with its Creative Commons CC BY-NC tags to singer-songwriter Amanda French and also gave the address to find it in BOL#870 -- not everyone reads the show notes.