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Jonathan Woolson,

About Jonathan WoolsonEdit

Jonathan Woolson is the webmaster for SUNY Fredonia, freelance designer at thinkplaydesign, and regular BOL listener.

Tech DietEdit

My frenetic schedule leaves little time to read tech blogs so I listen to the highest-octane, tech podcasts -- I can listen and work at the same time: BOL (of course), TWIT, FLOSS Weekly, MacBreak Weekly

Tiny moment of fameEdit

Jonathan Woolson was a recurring TV guest as a Macworld staff rep for TechTV's "Call for Help with Leo Laporte" in 1999 -- in the middle of the dot.Boom age of candy-colored iMacs, MP3s, and Napster.

Favorite web CMSEdit

Drupal - see the Drupal song, animated by Elliott Rothman, former SUNY Fredonia professor of Visual Arts and New Media.

Personal show notesEdit

BOL Ep.#869: Linux, the new potEdit

1. Scary comments about the teacher being threatened by her students distributing live CDs of open source software.
2. RE: the mystery song at the end of BOL#869 -- so very glad that the hive mind entity, JaMoTo+1, did attribute All My Internet Friends song properly in accordance with its Creative Commons CC BY-NC tags to singer-songwriter Amanda French and also gave the address to find it in BOL#870 -- not everyone reads the show notes.