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Writer extraordinaire, music aficionado, tech enthusiast, dedicated web surfer, and gamer. And of course, dedicated BOL fan and live listener:)

Welcome to my work-in-progress profile page:) I spend most of my time surfing the web and writing my book series: The Wryter Chronicles. I have a great fondness for technology and fantasy, thus my fiction series. I also make the occasional blog post on my personal blog: I also do a retro game blog where I also do a retro game podcast: InRetroSpection You can also find me on Twitter @JoshuaCaleb75 and my profile

BOL remix: Musique Concrète: The Abstract Influence by. Joshua Caleb

Check more of the awesome remixes @ BOL: The Remixes Or download/listen to the entire album I put together in all it's awesome glory at Bandcamp (limited downloads. For unlimited access and premium back cover, go to Part1, Part2)

My new BOL segment theme: From The DWCPGW(The Department of What Could Possibly Go Wrong) Featured on: Ep 1233 Synthetic Life is oh so Blue, Ep 1265 Perfect Citizen, Ep 1268 You've Been Served...A Microcell, & Ep 1304: "Apple: Only Professional Fart Apps Allowed"

BOL Guest Appearance!! BOL ep 1377 Annual Listener Co-host show

BOL Episode Titles I created: (that I can remember:)

BOL: Ep 1097: Beatles Bargain Basement Blowout

BOL: Ep 1112: Rupert Murdoch Battles Infinity

BOL: Ep 1124: Alexandria, the greatest hard-drive crash

BOL: Ep 1152: Hacks on a Plane

BOL: Ep 1209: So This iPhone4 Walks into a Bar....

BOL: Ep 1258: Plants vs Lasers

BOL: Ep 1261: The Last of Kin

BOL: Ep 1278: Pad, Mouse, or Nubbin?

BOL: Ep 1294: Web: There's an App for That

BOL: Ep 1313: Bing Bucks Buy Bling

BOL: Ep 1317: Pay Per Punch

BOL: Ep 1324: Facebook gets intimate candle-lit groups

BOL: Ep 1325: Bingbats vs. Chromepuffs

BOL: Ep 1342: Kindle Burns Through the Great Firewall

BOL: EP 1348: Call of Duty: Black Socks

Episode Emails

BOL: Ep 1095: The Phrase That Pays from Amazon

BOL: Ep 1109: In the Future We'll All be Cats

BOL: Ep 1112: Rupert Murdoch Battles Infinity

BOL: Ep 1264: Das Facboot

BOL: Ep 1268: You've Been Served....A Microcell

Notable Episode Mentions

BOL: EP 1276: Molly Moves to Comic-con