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Jonathan Strickland
Atlanta, GA


Jonathan is a writer, actor and director living in Atlanta, Georgia. He's happily married, is the son of two teachers (and professional authors) and is the personal property of two Jack Russell Terriers. When not online, you can usually find Jonathan on a stage, in front of a stage or lost while going to/returning from a stage. Before becoming a professional writer, Jonathan worked for various consulting firms. He has a degree in English with a focus on literature spanning the medieval and Renaissance periods. He does not find jokes about propane and propane accessories particularly amusing.

On The Web[]

Jonathan is a Senior Writer for the Web site, part of Discovery Communications. He writes for the Electronics and Computer channels on the site. Jonathan was named the Tech writer for when it became clear that he wasn't frightened by computers or gadgets. He co-hosts a podcast, a weekly live Web show and contributes to a blog, all of which are called TechStuff. While most of his work centers on technology, he has written several articles spanning everything from Cthulhu to JFK assassination theories.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

JonStrickland is an active member of the BOL chatroom. He also once called in to ask if he should purchase an HTC G1. Molly Wood advised him not to. He bought one anyway.

On August 27, 2009, JonStrickland guest hosted episode 1051 of Buzz Out Loud. He joined Jason, Rafe and Tom in a discussion of topics ranging from Snow Leopard to the Pirate Bay. He also worked in references to Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Wolverine.

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