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jodyNcolumbus is a social media fangirl from Columbus, Ohio.

Jody joined buzztown in May 2006 with episode 237, Dudes: Rocket Racing! [1] being the first she listened to.

Over the years, Jody has been a frequent listener and occasional contributor via voicemail and forums. Three of Jody's calls that have been included in the podcasts. One call was shortly after Molly's son Eli was born about the movie "Deja Vu" in relation to a project like Google Streetview. Another call was when Ohio University was recognized as a top downloading school and Molly called them the "thieving Buckeyes". Jody pointed out that the Buckeyes are Ohio State University, not Ohio University. The third was regarding Studio 60 when the visiting parents were from Columbus, Ohio and Molly said they were from Cleveland. This was around the time that Jon Stewart was broadcasting Comedy Central's Daily Show from Columbus Ohio, Midwest Midterm Midtacular. [2]

Episodes Featured On[]

@jodyNcolumbus' 1000th episode photos and video [3]