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Ian Littman
iansltx, iansl_tx, Ian the Colorado college student
Mon, January 28, 1991 (31)
Golden, CO (during school) or Fredericksburg, TX (anything longer than a weekend, out of school)


Born in Palm City, FL Moved to Sisterdale, TX in 1995 Moved to Fredericksburg, TX in 2002 Attended various private schools, never in public grade school, homeschooled for several years Class of '07 at Ambleside School of Fredericksburg Class of '11 at Colorado School of Mines (Computer Science w\a minor in Economics)

Currently owns three computers: iMac (1st gen aluminum, high-end 20" model w\4GB of memory upgraded himself) aka Darkside64 Macbook Air (1st gen low-end) aka YannAir Lenovo IdeaPad U330 (higher-end model) aka Yanntop3

Previously owned computers: Toshiba Portege R100 (Ultralite) Dell Inspiron E1505 (Yanntop2) HP Pavilion m300y (IanMC) Dell Inspiron 3000 (Yanntop)

Current cell phone: HTC Mogul (Sprint) Other cell phones: 1st gen unlocked iPhone, tons of prepaid cell phones

Political views: Hardcore Republican Windows, Mac or Linux? Mac...if it was avaiable in retail form like Windows...Windows because Mac isn't

Reasons for nicknames: Yann - Name chosen by instructor in French class at Ambleside...close enough to my real name that I still use it from time to time, as do a few people "in the know" IanSLTX - Ian S. Littman TeXas

Job goal: Make an uncapped-speed bill-per-byte WiMAX network that'll cover everywhere where internet otherwise is foiled by a lack of competition. Any investors? ;-)

Work: See my blog link

On The Web[]

Has: Twitter, Plurk, Rejaw, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Uses regularly: Twitter, Facebook

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

First listened with regularity in late 2007
In the chat room during some episodes, depending on scheduling constraints
Relatively frequent e-mailer, voicemailer
e-mail mentioned on episode 871
voicemail played on episode 890, about Motorola CrystalTalk
Used to respond to hosts via Twitter, mentioned on shows in late 2007 due to this
Guilty of responding before listening all the way through the BOL team's arguments at least once (via Twitter)

External links[]

Go4Prepaid (prepaid cell phone info) - [1] Unlimited Cellular (info about unlimited cell phone plans like CricKet and MetroPCS) - [2] Go4Prepaid Forums(forums for above two sites) - [3]

Above sites run by iansltx, aggregate hits per day around 800-900.