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Frank Joseph Michael Lattuca is a regular contributor to Buzz Out Loud.

Professional and Education

An attorney with the US Patent and Trademark Office, he often contributes to clarify a legal point brought up on the show, particularly when they involve Copyright. His emails often take particular care not to offer legal advice, or discuss any matters involving Trademark or Patent law.

Is an adjunct professor of Philosophy at Trinity University in Washington DC.

He Graduated from George Washington University Law School in 2005, and is barred in New York State and Washington DC. He attended the University of Rochester for his Undergraduate education. He received a degree in Philosophy and Political Science in 2001.

Buzz Out Loud Contributions

Frank L is also the author of "How the Gromey Stole Spectaclfest", a parody of "How the Grinch stole Christmas" made in honor of the Spectaclefest event.

Announced his candidacy for Mayor of Buzztown in Episode_713


Frank was born in Rochester NY, and currently lives in the Washington DC area.

His birthday is December 27, 1977.

Frank performs stand-up comedy in the Washington DC area.

The hobbies and interests Frank has admitted to "on air" include: Comic Books, LOST and is a fan of The Beatles.

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