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Sam Chapman
followsound or cutecatofdoom
Mon, April 12, 1993 (29)
Hope, Derbyshire England
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A student living in Hope, Derbyshire, England who does programming (mainly CSS and HTML) and shopping on the side.

Sam Chapman and a student at Hope Valley College in Derbyshire. I am a 15 year old techie who listens to several tech and music podcasts, including: popSiren, BOL (Buzz Out Loud), TWiT, Sword and Laser, Diggnation, Loaded, Buzz Report, Real Deal, gdgt weekly, Gadgettes, HackCollege, Hak5 (Great Show!), Systm, Scam School, Tekzilla Apple Universe Podcast. I like any type of music (except heavy/death metal).

I am a Mac user, however I have a strong belief that internet content should be free, and open source. I have experience in server management (work ex and current payed job) and lots of programming knowledge and experience in; VisualBasic, SQL, HTML and CSS (strongest), PHP, java, C++ and I am attempting to learn more PHP and Coco.

I am currently in my last year at Hope Valley College (Comprehensive 11-16). Hopefully I will leave with B-A* (and a D in P.E, but who cares about that!). I am hoping to attend one of these schools for my 6thForm education; Marple 6thForm - Marple, King Ecberts - Sheffield, Tapton - Sheffield, King Edwards - Sheffield and possibly High Stores - Sheffield. I am leaving my options open to go into professional programing (web or applications) or media production.

J’adore, a roundup of all my favorite things!: FASHON! - Any Starbucks London Big cuddles Long Phone Calls (on my iPhone)! FTW Late-night text messages Friday Nights Skinnies Accessories BOL (FTW) Music - Most Tekzilla Food Mathew Lush LifeCasting/Blogging

NOTE: I am also the self proclaimed emperor of randomness!

On The Web[]

I have my own company CRNetworks/Productions produces "The Vive" (and "The Daily Vive") and CRNET has some excellent sites and services.

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

Watch the live stream when I can (Musical Rehearsal Wednesday and Drama Rehearsal Friday) and follow Tom, Molly, Veronica, Jason and JaMoTo on twitter and other social networking sties. I love social networking :)!

The day also doesn't feel complete unless I have listened to BOL.

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