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The following is a list of Buzz Out Loud episodes that aired in May 2008.


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Ep # Title Original Airdate Link MP3
715 Fork the Pidgin Thursday, May 1, 2008 [1] [2]
As in, stick a fork in the Pidgin forking controversy, because it's forking ridiculous. Also, iTunes Store gets same-day DVD releases and memristors make their debut. In other news, we do get a whiff of vapor, but the possibilities for the new Sezmi set-top box have us pretty fired up, nevertheless.
716 Hope for old people (like Tom) Friday, May 2, 2008 [3] [4]
There's still time for us to strike entrepreneurial gold, we talk "malicious circuits," and Microsoft blah blah blah blah. Also, Popcorn Hour starts shipping its magical streaming box of wonder and it looks like we're in store for some wiener whistles.
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717 Dedicated to yo' fat momma Monday, May 5, 2008 [5] [6]
Yo' momma is so fat. How fat is she? She's so fat she has two Wiis, one for each...OK, never mind. In other news, Microsoft walked out on Yahoo. Is it for good this time? What does it mean for you? (As usual, a big fat nothing, unless you're a Yahoo stockholder.) Also, on the deathwatch today: E3, Cuba's ban on home computers, and Google audio CAPTCHA.
718 Always worry Tuesday, May 6, 2008 [7] [8]
We could tell you not to worry, but then you'd e-mail us and tell us why you should. So, new rule. Always worry. And the HTC Touch Diamond ain't all that, but we're not saying the 3G iPhone is going to be all that, either. Don't get your hopes up. This is turning into an Eeyore sort of day, isn't it? Here's some good news: Zune 2.5 offers TV downloads! So...yay!
719 Yotta yotta yotta Wednesday, May 7, 2008 [9] [10]
There's a lot of storage headed your way in the coming years. A lotta, in fact. We'd even go so far as to say it's a yotta. Byte. In other news, no one in the tech industry will be taking a vacation between June 15 and July 12, due to the second coming of the iPhone, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu is getting behind a more democratic music industry. Try that one on for size, RIAA.
720 Lovin' Out Loud Thursday, May 8, 2008 [11] [12]
Announcing the launch of our new dating podcast, Lovin' Out Loud! Also, Microsoft may or may not build content filtering into the Zune, by which we mean "probably will." Also, should judges decide the intent of technology in awarding boffo-size judgments against P2P search engines? And on that note, we're off to order some pizza online.
721 Copy an MP3, lose your house Friday, May 9, 2008 [13] [14]
It's scary legal day today between the PRO-IP act and the Los Angeles County copyright laws. At least R2D2 can safely project legitimate DVD movies on our walls. Even if they're prison walls. Also, old Apple PowerBook power supplies are sparking up a storm.
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722 Print your own drugs Monday, May 12, 2008 [15] [16]
In today's show, we learn that the future lets us print our own drugs, and robots will drive our sailboats for us. Sailboats? Sailboats. Also, Gmail has a new spam problem, the BlackBerry Bold could be the new iPhone of Summer 2008, and the Rolling Stones have rolled their way right off of eMusic. Bummer.
723 Best bad idea ever Tuesday, May 13, 2008 [17] [18]
The military has proposed creating their own botnet to help combat cyberfoes. Kevin Poulsen at Wired thinks this is idiotic. We think there's a certain amount of mad genius to it, and debate the points. Meanwhile 6 million Chileans had their personal data leaked to the Internet. Don't worry it's not all shock and awe. Harvard says violent video games are A-OK! Shoot 'em up, kids!
724 YOU are! Wednesday, May 14, 2008 [19] [20]
It's episode 724, wherein we argue, but in a happy way. MySpace wins a $234 million antispam judgment they'll probably never collect, and Google blurs faces in Street view, maybe just to be nice. Also, it turns out seniors are more acutely aware of the passing of time (or they hate commercials more than the youngsters do) and Qtrax makes four improbable deals.
725 CBS' podcast of indeterminate length Thursday, May 15, 2008 [21] [22]
In today's episode, Leo Laporte drops in (and out) to discuss the future of CNET, the future of Yahoo, and lack of future we'll all have if the Air Force doesn't stop trying to build a real-life Skynet. Also, Leo points out why we should probably all delete our Plaxo accounts, Nintendo gets patent trolled, and can we leave Twitter? At least for one day?
726 Dueling banjos at dawn Friday, May 16, 2008 [23] [24]
Somehow today's show ended with Jason Howell challenging Paul Shaffer to a duel at Shalin's suggestion. We don't know. It's Friday. In other news, Cox and Comcast are the biggest BitTorrent blockers in the world, we spoil the entire plotline of Battlestar Galactica (sorry!), and we get deep inside the jDome. Plus: VIDEO!
727 Microsoft to Yahoo: Let's take it slow Monday, May 19, 2008 [25] [26]
Actual tech news today! For example, Microsoft is re-wooing Yahoo, Nintendo is stomping through the console market like Godzilla in Mario's Kart, the first public Firefox 3 candidate is now available, and Apple is trying to win direct downloads for the new iPhone. Oh, and if our caller from UPS is to be believed, those iPhones might be starting to arrive in stores right now! (Dear CBS: Send pie!)
728 Rock the Roku Tuesday, May 20, 2008 [27] [28]
Today in "we have actual tech news to report" tech news, Netflix's new box hits the price sweet spot, Napster is offering 6 million DRM-free MP3s (déjà-vu?), and Gizmodo! Confirms! The 3G! iPhone! Release! Date!
729 Wacky wireless Wednesday Wednesday, May 21, 2008 [29] [30]
It's all cell phones all the time: The FCC might make early-termination fees less of a problem, rural carriers want less exclusivity (and so do we), and no one wants cell phones on a plane except, strangely, Molly. Also, the second-generation $100 laptop will double as an e-book reader and cost $75, assuming it ever exits the realm of elaborate fiction.
730 Tom is a pervert Thursday, May 22, 2008 [31] [32]
We're sorry to inform you that Tom has been kicked off Buzz Out Loud for being 37 years old, because you just can't tell by looking. Well, OK, not BOL, but he did get kicked off Faceparty. In other news, Twitter gets some funding, but we're asking for a better Twitter. Also, the future has arrived, and it's a future with health insurance, no matter what your genetic markers might suggest.
731 Last rites for DRM Friday, May 23, 2008 [33] [34]
Funeral services for DRM will be held this Saturday. FYI. Send flowers. Also, a tiny gun can still hurt, but not in Canada, and apparently, people still want old iPhones. Like, bad. In other news today, a new magic tunnel links New York to London (webcam?) and you should really, really, really not put your health records on Google Health. Trust us.

NOTE: The audio for today's episode was lost because of a technical glitch in the studio control room. As a result, the audio for this podcast was pulled from our live-stream camera. Don't expect anything mindblowingly awesome. This episode is for the true, hardcore BOL fan. Be warned!

732 Make family, not phone Tuesday, May 27, 2008 [35] [36]
An amusement park in the U.K. thinks you'll have more fun if they confiscate your smartphone. I think I would not go to that amusement park. I don't care if they say I'll have more fun-- I don't trust them with my iPhone. Also YouTube and Viacom are spatting again, and Brazilian beetles might lead to photonic computing!
733 Flying Poop Factory Wednesday, May 28, 2008 [37] [38]
That is, sadly, the new name for the International Space Station, where astronauts have a real problem to contend with, unlike the New Mexico folks trying to ban public Wi-Fi. In other news, Warner Music is backing a hilariously insane plan to get you to rent a song, one time, for 10 cents a pop, and it turns out that all those furious, ranty e-mails about Dell's terrible tech support were true!
734 Rev3 gets P2P poisoned Thursday, May 29, 2008 [39] [40]
Revision3 goes down under a massive DDOS attack that apparently originated with a company that the entertainment industry hires to poison P2P wells. Nice. Good tactic, guys. Also, we have a good geeky little time talking about itty-bitty little flash devices and chips.
735 Ind_na Jo__es Friday, May 30, 2008 [41] [42]
Paramount is dropping sounds out of your movies; Canadian customs guards might be rifling through your laptop for ripped CDs; and aliens are real. See, now, it sounds like today's show is all made-up stories, but the first two things are true, and the last one is...well, I don't know, I guess it might be true. There's a guy in Denver who says he's got a video. YouTube it!