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The following is a list of Buzz Out Loud episodes that aired in 2008.


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Ep # Title Original Airdate Link MP3
736 Plurk that Plurkin' Facebook Monday, June 2, 2008 [1] [2]
Facebook comes under attack by Canadian privacy groups, but everyone's already moved on to Plurk. Er...maybe. Also: self-destructing DVDs are back! Yay! They were such a good idea the first time around, we're betting they'll be a monster hit, what with their wasteful, throwaway nature and ridiculous pricing and all.
737 Tom gets lucky with Jason Tuesday, June 3, 2008 [3] [4]
Oh, come now, we mean in a search on Goosh, the command-line search interface for Google. What were you thinking? Meantime, the Internet has docked in New York and Natali Del Conte is on the show to share the details of what all those Internet sailors are doing on the streets of Manhattan. Apparently they're at the mayor's house.
738 OS X 10.6: Liger, lolcat, or Cougar? Wednesday, June 4, 2008 [5] [6]
Rumor has it that there will be code details about OS X 10.6 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week. Bold prediction, considering it's a developer's conference. Geniuses. Now, what cat to name it after? Also, Bill Gates gives his last speech on the road to his nearly-full-time-job-retirement; Oklahoma City has a sweet Wi-Fi mesh network that you can't use (unless the password is "password"); and you can now get your Outlook e-mail on an LG enV(2).
739 One tingly pinky Thursday, June 5, 2008 [7] [8]
Microsoft finds that we're all in increasing RSI pain thanks to laptops and mobile devices ... which they continue to support with mobile versions of Windows. Um. Thanks for the info? Also today, the space station toilet is fixed, an iPhone patent filing lists some actual features, Comcast is up-front with some slightly reasonable sounding throttling plans, and Microsoft says it's not running a call-in "save XP petition," even though everyone is calling in asking them to save XP. That is just sad.
740 iTunes bombing Friday, June 6, 2008 [9] [10]
How to get to the top of the iTunes podcast list--we think. We'll let you know Monday. Also, breaking news! Amazon goes down midshow! Was it something we said? In other news, we attempt to solve issues of global hypercapitalism, the growth imperative, and their inevitable consumer-unfriendly consequences. Plus, we find out why you have to go through voicemail hell when you call customer support, and the answer makes us lose our ever-loving minds.
741 3Gasm Monday, June 9, 2008 [11] [12]
All the iPhone and App Store news you can shake a stick at. Plus, RIM and Palm say they're thrilled about the new iPhone. Huh. Us, too! But it's a delayed, uh, 3Gasm, since the phone won't be coming out until July 11. In other news, Amazon broke itself, the MPAA wants to break your movie recording, and SanDisk kills the TakeTV and Fanfare less than a year after it was born.
742 iPhone hangover day Tuesday, June 10, 2008 [13] [14]
In the great cycle of technology, today is the day-after-Jobs-keynote when we are bummed about the morsels that were dished out the day before. Witness: iPhone activation, lockdown, and data plan woes. Also, ISPs take one big step down the slippery slope, the SUV takes a nosedive, and Stewart and Colbert hit Hulu. Rejoice!
743 Fablessly 'splensive pigeons Wednesday, June 11, 2008 [15] [16]
Today's show is a bit of a tongue-twister. Really, the entire show. We just can't get the words out. And in other news, the whole Internet hates Metallica. Again. We find out the truth about Microsoft's Xbox 360 recall, how Disney totally gets the Internet for music but not so much for movies, how much Google engineers make, and how pigeons can solve the U.S. broadband Internet problem.
744 A date with Firefox Thursday, June 12, 2008 [17] [18]
Firefox 3 comes out June 17, and that's all we have to say, except we hope it fixes Molly's Flash problems so she doesn't have to get a Mac--or Opera. In other news of the day, you can now find out once and for all whether your car mechanic is giving you a good deal. Hint: No.
745 Spit to spam to Spain Friday, June 13, 2008 [19] [20]
Microsoft and Yahoo are dead, over, done, in the ground, and Yahoo has moved on to Google, and that's the end of it. Or is it!? Also today, spitting crosses the line, cell phones cause serious (like, for real) addiction in some Spanish teens, Metallica retracts its redaction of some blogger reviews, and MySpace is getting a new design. Phew. Finally.
746 Cast out the Flash demon Monday, June 16, 2008 [21] [22]
On today's episode, Molly issues a blanket un-curse to all who have suddenly discovered that Firefox has trouble with Flash. (But really, it's Firefox's fault.) Also, the Associated Press volunteers to tackle the thorny issue of defining fair use for all of us, and yet the blogosphere insists on painting it as some sort of heavy-handed attempt to lock down their own content and dictate rules that they have no legal authority to tackle. How rude.
747 Get Firefox (if you can) Tuesday, June 17, 2008 [23] [24]
It's Firefox Download Day! In bummer news, Mozilla's site was down by at least 10:12 a.m. (about the time we started our show). So, that's a bad start, then. In other news, AT&T customers using phones other than iPhone will, indeed, have to pay full price for a new iPhone. That's just how the cell phone world works. And the blogosphere takes a legitimately outrageous situation and wildly exaggerates the outrageousness by repeating old information over and over. Sigh.
748 At play in the Web of Misery Wednesday, June 18, 2008 [25] [26]
Somehow today's show suddenly turned into a poetry slam, replete with economic gloom, the devastating hackery of coffee pots, and the slow creep of a fox on fire. All right, that's about enough of that annoying crap. In other news that may or may not be news, a new study finds that folks who are enthusiastic about technology may also be enthusiastically jerky.
749 Tom no longer exists on Netflix Thursday, June 19, 2008 [27] [28]
Netflix inspires nothing but rage in Tom, Molly, Jason, and Natali with its announcement that it will not only get rid of profiles, but also erase all the data of the profile-holders. Tom? Quitting. Netflix? Claiming hardly anyone will be affected. We also suggest that Netflix consider the approach of Microsoft, which heard the furious cries of the 46 people who bought DRM'd tunes from MSN Music, and is extending its support for that DRM through 2011. Hint hint, Netflix, hint hint.
750 7 deadly spams Friday, June 20, 2008 [29] [30]
On today's Buzz Out Loud, why "your stupid face" works to get you to install malicious software, why eBay just flat out isn't for small sellers anymore, and why you shouldn't trust your IT guy...or at least not one in three of them. Also, EA releases Creature Creator, people create porny creatures, and EA attempts to crack down. Something about this picture just doesn't add up. Like, how novelty-sized bosoms can even exist on the side of a cow.
751 No big black hole deal Monday, June 23, 2008 [31] [32]
Black holes from the Large Hadron Collider? No worries. Mac OS X Trojan in the wild? Minor worries. Total top-level domain overhaul? Worries deferred until we see it in action. EFF attacks the entire foundation for the RIAA's lawsuits against alleged pirates and specifically their troublesome "making available" claim? RIAA shouldn't worry, even though we wish they would.
752 This episode is not called 'BOLympics' Tuesday, June 24, 2008 [33] [34]
There's no way we'd bait the International Olympic Committee like that, knowing how notoriously aggressive they are about controlling their content. They hardly want anyone to see it. That's why all the digital content is Vista only this year. Rimshot! In other news of the day, Nokia bought Symbian, leading analysts to predict everything from global market takeover to complete and utter destruction.
753 RIAA killed the radio star Wednesday, June 25, 2008 [35] [36]
OK, now this is weird: the music industry is trying to undermine the way the music industry distributes and promotes music and has always distributed and promoted music. They're calling radio piracy. What has the world come to? Also, RIM totally biffs it with the BlackBerry Bold; hackers crack the London Tube and ride around for free; and Microsoft sets a date for Windows 7. Somebody reserve the church.
754 Molly.wood, here I come! Thursday, June 26, 2008 [37] [38]
ICANN approves its plan to totally overhaul the Internet domain structure, but all we can do is make fun of the name "Winklevoss." Hee. "Winklevoss." Also today, Microsoft wants to shut off your gadgets from afar (or at least, their patent filing suggests that they do), the Samsung Instinct is totally the new iPhone, and torrent freaks think JJ Abrams' new show, Fringe, will be a hit. Phew!
755 Issues of men and womthem Friday, June 27, 2008 [39] [40]
Thorny gender issues arise on Facebook, Bill Gates takes his leave, Sony announces movie downloads without any movies but their own, and anyone in North Carolina who's offended by their own, inadvertently rude "WTF" license plate can get it replaced at no cost. But we say: drive it with pride!
756 Dicker caught dickering Monday, June 30, 2008 [41] [42]
You know how sometimes the punishment fits the crime? In this case the criminal fits the crime. GoDaddy's VP of domain auctions, appropriately named Dicker, was caught bidding (dickering?) on domains on his own auction site. D'oh! Also, Sony starts offering some creative incentives to get you to buy their TVs: their movies. Hmm.