989 - Pre-view
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Tom Merrit, Natali del Conte, Jason Howell
Benito Gonzalez (Jason Howell on vacation)
Rafe Needleman & Brian Tong

Sure we talked about how Brian Tong rents his shoes, and got some insight into Rafe's love of Mila Jovanovic, but the big news is the first look at the Palm Pre. Rafe has it in his hands during the show. We also Dig Diggs new takeson ads. But will the Diggers?

Stories CoveredEdit

Palm Pre: The CNET review

Palm Pre stock levels at Best Buy for entire US now leaked in full?

Digg Ads: Diggers Control How Much Advertisers Pay

Microsoft’s Project Natal roots revealed: 3DV Systems ZCam

Ina’s video from 2007

Molly punching out 3DV CES 2008:

Six months later, no ISPs joining RIAA piracy fight

Music Streaming to Overtake Downloads

YouTube To Premiere Movie Simultaneous To Theater Release

Introducing Xmarks "Bring Your Own Server" BETA

Hospital Turns Away Ambulances When Computers Go Down

Device Reads Messages From Surface of the Brain


Steve from San Francisco – what the DoJ is after

Jason in SoCal android and Ubuntu

Jason in Cincinnatti about Apple


Hi Buzz Crew,

While discussing new video features announced for the Xbox 360 during show #987, Tom made a side comment indicating that he removed the ability from his remote to turn off his Xbox because he didn’t want it to shut down while he was trying to download something big. I just wanted to mention to Tom that you can actually set up your Xbox to download while powered off, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on and logged in if you have a bunch of things queued up.

Quoting ( “If you don't have time to wait for a download to complete, you can let your console finish your downloads even after you’ve turned it off. The console enters a low-power state and the power light blinks every five seconds during background downloads. When your downloads are completed, it turns off automatically.

To enable background downloading, go to My Xbox, System Settings, Console Settings, Shutdown.” A handy feature that’s been in place for quite awhile but unfortunately buried in the settings.

Happy downloading, Love.The.Show. Kato

Hi Buzz crew

Hearing Tom talk about Opera Mini passing Safari as the most popular mobile browser (explained below) annoyed me; as the big Opera news yesterday was the release of the Opera 10 Beta 1!!

Opera 10 Beta 1:

  • New looks by John Hicks, the FF logo designer
  • 40% faster rendering and JavaScript engine (!!!)
  • Opera Turbo: Centralised compression proxy (for netbooks on public- and airport wifi)
  • Thumbnail previews in the tab bar
  • From only nine to up to 26 speed dials
  • Integration with popular webmail providers (for mailto: links)
  • Inline spell-checking (yeha, that one took years)

Opera Mini: AND regarding Opera Mini, the reason Opera Mini is so popular is that it is just a regular Java application. That means that it runs on almost any modern phone, not only smart phones.

Opera Mini now comes pre-installed on most (!) phones from Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, and HTC. This is being pushed on the manufactures because Opera Mini pushed more than 122 million MB of data (January 2009) though their networks. That is a lot of monetizable mobile data.

Daniel, the opera singer from Oslo (really an Opera employee, but singer sounds cooler)

Team Buzz –

It turns out that that Fire Fighters, not Boy Scouts, will help consumers with the DTV transition. I stumbled across this webpage: which outlines a program which started in May between the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the FCC. The FCC is in essence recruiting volunteers from the fire service to go into people’s homes that are having trouble setting up their converter boxes. A good move on the FCCs part to get a group of volunteers with instant credibility who don’t have some kind of ulterior motive like let’s say, stealing from some unsuspecting person who simply wanted a different kind of “hook up”. The Fire Service, and all of public safety for that matter, is motivated by having the spectrum television stations are currently sitting on freed up. Once those frequencies become available, a large chunk will be used for increasing public safety bandwidth.

Mike in Dayton

Extra NotesEdit

1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Could be well-wishing, could be memories, epithets we don’t care. We’ll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki.

Want to get involved in the production of the show? Find your favorite BOL moment, clip it out of the MP3, or video, and send us the moment. For video, please upload to a video hosting service and send us a link. Email either to

After The CreditsEdit

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