988 - Omelet hacking
Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Tom Merrit, Natali del Conte, Jason Howell
Lynn Fu (Jason Howell on vacation)
Molly Wood & Scott Johnson (@extralife)

We discover a great way to make omelets in a Ziploc bag, as well as rename the Netbook Guggenheimer and discover the cattle prods will soon be installed in your car. Oh, and Windows 7 is coming October 22.

Stories CoveredEdit

Happy 25th birthday, Tetris

PS3 motion controller may be the best game motion capture yet

Complete E3 coverage

Federal antitrust probe targets tech giants, sources say

Windows 7 to launch October 22

Microsoft to use a new term for Netbook

Microsoft won’t offer Windows for smartbooks

Study: P2P customers are Hollywood’s best friends--really!

Opera passes iPhone to lead mobile-browser market

Firefox 3.5 beta boosts open-video standard


Anonymous, what’s up with your game coverage

Patrick in NH about missed calls and omelets

Sean in Boulder about search engines, and… why?


Aloha buzz crew, Paul in Hawaii again..

Saw this and thought of you:

I love it when competition wins and the “big boys” discover they don’t have as much of a monopoly as they thought they had.

Love the show! Scott

Hi Buzz Crew,

I’d be interested to hear your views on this topic: is the prevalence and success of online gaming, e.g., xBox Live et al, going to lead to a decline in the use of, and hence research in, AI?

I imagine that it is a lot more cost effective to crowd source AI, i.e., use other online gamers each of whom pays a subscription, than developing the necessary software in-house. I also imagine that the games industry is a major driver of research in AI.

While studying AI in college, I heard many predictions, most of which I felt were grossly optimistic, as to when “true AI” would be achieved. If the interest in the topic is waning then this Holy Grail can only move farther out of reach.

Best regards,

Barry, Ireland

There have been biometric sensors in pilots helmets for at least 25 years. The sensor determine if the pilots eyes glaze over. At times the pilots pull a high “G” turns and pass out. The sensor then takes over control of the plane and flies it until the pilot wakes up.

Sounds like certain CNET correspondents need the same device, but attached to a high voltage whoopee cushion.

Charles Sioux Falls, SD

Extra NotesEdit

1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Could be well-wishing, could be memories, epithets we don’t care. We’ll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1,000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki.

Want to get involved in the production of the show? Find your favorite BOL moment, clip it out of the MP3, or video, and send us the moment. For video, please upload to a video hosting service and send us a link. Email either to

After The CreditsEdit

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