983 - Jitterbuggy
Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Tom Merrit, Natali del Conte, Jason Howell
Jason Howell

The Jitterbug phone was supposed to make it easy for anyone to call 9111. Seems they left out the people in remote rural areas. Oh, well. Nobody's perfect. It's not like lonely people in remote rural areas need emergency help, right? Also Zune HD is coming in fall and Vista SP2 is here now!

Stories CoveredEdit

Zune HD gets official

Microsoft releases Vista SP2

Skyfire mobile browser reaches 1.0

First commercial LTE base station being tested in Sweden

Play time: In-game ad spending to top $1 billion by 2014

Mac clone maker Psystar files for bankruptcy

Phony TCP retransmissions can hide secret messages

Kindle notes online

Jitterbug recall because phones can’t dial 911,2817,2347661,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

How to use pulsars for interstellar navigation


Thomas from Columbus – Emergency use for accelerometer


Hi Buzz crew… If I were writing an app for the iPhone, I would most definitely do something to get Apple to reject it from the app store. What better way is there to get free advertising for your app, once Apple reverses course? This could be a new revenue stream for Apple, I’m thinking. I’m just sayin’. Maybe Apple isn’t the ogre… maybe it’s the developers themselves! Keep up the good work. LOVE THE SHOW Chris (the geeky triplet Dad) Canton, MI

Dear buzz crew: As I know, I'm the only Iranian BOL listener, so I think it's my duty to report that Facebook IS no longer filtered in Iran. Today around 2:00 PM (Tehran time) Facebook was open to Iranian people. Best Regards Siavash

Hey Buzz Crew, As I sit here cranking through some numbers on my trusty TI-89 graphing calc, I’m thinking how cool and efficient it would be to have an e-ink display graphing calc. Crunch some numbers, draw a graph, then the e-ink keeps it there and doesn’t draw any electrons from the batteries, right? Idk, what do you think? Maybe Texas Instruments is listening and it could be a TI-BOL graphing calc! - Bob, The Nuclear Engineer

Extra NotesEdit

1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Could be well-wishing, could be memories, epithets we don’t care. We’ll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1,000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki. Want to get involved in the production of the show? Find your favorite BOL moment, clip it out of the MP3, or video, and send us the moment. For video, please upload to a video hosting service and send us a link. Email either to

After The CreditsEdit

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