884 - Hormonal beef
Monday, January 5, 2009
Tom Merrit, Molly Wood, Jason Howell
Jason Howell
Natali del Conte

In today's episode, Natali offers her hormones to help out Steve Jobs, but she doesn't do it on the actual show, so we have to tell you about it now. The actual news is that the mystery behind Steve's absence from the Steve-note has been revealed: a hormonal imbalance that's causing massive weight loss. Also, Viacom goes wingnut crazy. Hear all about it!

Stories CoveredEdit

Health concerns force Apple’s Jobs from Macworld

Rumor: Unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro in the works

iPhone 3G unlocker released on schedule

In dispute, Viacom threatens to pull shows “on TV and online”

RIAA dumps evidence-gathering firm

PS2 crushes Wii, Xbox in gaming minutes

Forrester study: Got game? Not in a recession

Windows 7 build 7,000 already outperforming Vista and XP in “real-world” tasks

Zune ‘bug’ fixed, says Microsoft

Amazon Video On Demand coming to Roku Player

Blockbuster launching set-top box for the holidays

LG adds direct Internet link to a line of HDTVs


Matt from New Hampshire: CSM!

Anon: Full mailbox

Mike from Tacoma: Windows 7 release date — FIRM

Jeff from SLC: land-lines do have 911


Dear BOLers, I missed you guys. I missed so much that I went to the BuzzOutLoud wikia and downloaded (randomly) some episodes from the past three years of BOLing. I got to hear the first voicemail from Shalin, the time when dr. Karl was just a med student and a lot of great stuff: Tom saying that would license for free his voice for TomTom’s GPS, Molly confusing hermetically for hydrogenation sealed and Veronica talking “Brazil for the win” were the best ones I’ve hear

And when I downloaded the best of 2006 episode, I noticed it was too short. And the same happened with the best of 2007 and 2008 episodes. So I figure a way to not let this happen again this year: a page on the wikia!

Now the listeners will have a chance to put in their favorite buzzing moments of 2009 and help Jason to edit a longer (or even two!) Best of 2009 episode.

Hope you like it and, as always, love the show and keep up the good work!


I just had to be the first To write into BOL while flying at 36000 ft…:-) Flying to CES of course! I am writing this from a Virgin America flight over Sycamore, OH… Look forward to seeing you guys at the cloud talk!

Reid, the ISP Infrastructure Guy

Hey Buzz crew, I just wanted to make Tom feel just a little bit better about his predictions for last year. Specifically, the whole simultaneous broadcast on TV and the Internet thing. In the U.K. at least the BBC started doing just that in the last month (so still 2008) or so on BBC iPlayer. I think it started in early December or something.

Anyway hope you guys had a nice vacation.

Listener since late 2005, first e-mail

Greig the math student :)

P.S Too shy to say “well actually” yet loi

Ever since I switched to over the air digital television, my life has been a TV horror film. 90 percent of the time the signal is so poor it cuts in and out every minute or two. If I am lucky enough to get a good signal I can’t move. Every time I or my roommate walks through the house, the signal cuts out. The resolution may be better, but of course it is, that's what happens when you shrink the picture. My screen now has a three-inch black border for most programs. It sucks! I was much happier with a little fuzzy picture and good audio, than a screen refresh rate of 1/minute and no audio, or almost worse when every actor suddenly becomes a gou’uld (not sure why that happens).

I’ve also noticed that the signal is the worst during peak viewing hours. You guys know if DTV has some type of shared bandwidth?

Long live analog!!!

Deeply saddened by digital In Madison, WI

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