883 - Tech predictions for 2009
Friday, January 2, 2009
Jason Howell

Tom Merritt

Molly Wood
Jason Howell

The JaMoTo Analysts throw down a healthy serving of tech predictions for the new year. Are you ready to rumble?

Tom MerrittEdit

  • One mass media company will push out an Internet-only or Internet-primary hit (webisode).
  • GPS will slowly disappear (except in-dash, Standalone GPS merge into phones).
  • Some sort of big, public security breach that will cause the change of fundamental internet protocol.
  • Android will outsell iPhone.
  • Yahoo will finally be purchased in 2009.
  • A mind control game peripheral will come out.
  • Twitter will get as big as facebook.
  • Google will buy a content company. (i.e. movie studio or broadcast studio)
  • Bandwidth riots.
  • DTV transition will go off without a hitch. (Mostly be fine)
  • A real look of the next-gen console. (Prototype of next-gen console)

Molly WoodEdit

  • There would be no copy and paste for the iPhone in 2009.
  • Molly will buy an Android phone by the end of the year. (Molly breaking up with the iPhone)
  • Steve Jobs will leave Apple in 2009. (Leave his current role, like Bill Gates)
  • The usefulness and price of netbooks will be severely compromised by features. (get more expensive and bigger)
  • Yahoo files for bankruptcy after failing or refusing to do a deal that could save them in 2009 only.
  • A major newspaper (‘’’LA Times’’’, NY Times, i.e. National newspaper) will go online.
  • Google will buy Twitter or Twitter dies.
  • Significant number of Americans will dump cable for internet-only television. Cable company have to change pricing model.
  • Symantec web will enable subscribing to any podcast in certain topic based on tagging.
  • Alien life will be discovered on Venus.

Jason HowellEdit

  • Copy and paste will exist in the iPhone for 2009.
  • A major Mac exploit (wide-spread virus etc.).
  • Netbook sale will double in 2009.
  • LHC will not go online in 2009. (i.e. the world will not end)
  • iTunes will get an eBook section. Bonus: iPhone will get an eBook reader firmware upgrade.
  • Microsoft will attempt to buy a cellphone company in order to tie in with windows mobile.
  • Blu-ray will gain market share over DVD.
  • Fancy Android phone with solar panel will be announced.
  • A cloud services will be proven to have taken a considerable chunk out of software sales. (beginning of the end of software that we know it as.)
  • iTunes will go DRM-free.


  • Molly and Jason bet a two dollar bill on the copy and paste iPhone crisis.
  • Tom said that Molly is from Venus.
  • Tom did not say that Google would buy a fried chicken franchise.

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