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Friday, August 1, 2008
Tom Merritt, Jason Howell
Jason Howell

Here at Buzz Out Loud, we are shamelessly attempting to launch a meme, based on the awesome Twitter ramblings of a guy stoned off his gourd at the dentist. Quick, somebody make a Café Press shirt! Also, today's show is rant-central, between the news that They can take our laptops for as long as They want for no reason, Apple's killing of a short-lived iPhone-tethering app, and the U.S. Congress' mandate that our nation's schools prop up our dying music industry. Good times.

Stories CoveredEdit

Judge rules Sprint’s early-termination fees illegal

Travelers’ laptops may be detained at border

In-flight cell ban advances in congress

Apple quickly kills popular iPhone-‘tethering’ app

College funding bill passed with anti-P2P provisions intact

Hands on: Delicious 2 cleans up social bookmarking

China eases Internet restrictions for journalists

Online fantasy game's absurd cancellation policy leads to new law

iPhone + Twitter + sedatives = not a great idea, really

NASA: “We have water” on Mars


Grahame, New York Gift card horror story.

BlackBerry Guy A little hands-free headset stuff.


Hey Buzz crew!

A word in defense of providing lunch for employees. I recently joined a start-up here in Boston which does this. We just reviewed the policy and concluded that it’s a great investment. My personal top three arguments in favor:

1. Builds camaraderie and fosters healthy mixing of individuals from different departments.

2. Keeps an otherwise, uh… “distractible” team in the office, rather than wandering around Chinatown looking for Boston’s best dumplings. More importantly, it keeps lunch hour contained within a fixed window of time--1:00 p.m. is actually a usable meeting time in our company.

3. In a competitive recruiting market, free lunch is an attractive perk. We get far more bang from our lunch dollars than if we allocated them toward standard comp.

Waldron, in Boston

Drunk Dialers in Norway get heard through fjords!…fjords..fjords…fjords…


By dialing the Telemegaphone’s phone number, your voice will ring out across the fjord, the valley, and the village of Dale. A bright light at the top of the pole will be lit as your call goes through, projecting your voice across the valley.

Wanna try? On Aug 2, go here for the phone number. (This’ll work day & night until September 6, 2008).

Best, Shalin

Tom, to help you out on the iPhone end, go into settings. Under Safari there’s an option to switch the search from Google to Yahoo.

Steve from Buffalo, New York

Hey BoL,

The caller in episode 778 who clarified some info on China’s Great Firewall is right - VPNs are one path around China’s Net censors. A friend of mine attended the Beijing University of Post & Telecommunications, where she was taught how to use VPNs and other proxy server techniques to evade the Great Firewall entirely. I visited her dorm room when she was still in grad school there, and all of her roommates (computer science students) were browsing and downloading content quite freely. Apparently, they’re still huge fans of ‘Friends.’

The real impact of the Great Firewall is psychological --China’s government knows they can’t block everything, but if they make certain information inconvenient enough to access for most of the population, almost all users just get frustrated and give up. I’m constantly surprised by how disinterested and oblivious my friend is about world events, although I can’t speak for the other 1.32 billion. She’s coming to the States for the second time in August and I’ll be very curious to see how she reacts to western media’s perceptions of the Olympics coverage.

<< “L O V E T H E S H O W”;

-Andrew Portland, Oregan

Dear Tom, Molly, and Jason, While the new FireWire standard may be faster then the current USB standard, the soon-to-be-released USB 3.0 spec has a max throughput of about 4.8 Gbit/s.

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