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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Announcing the launch of our new dating podcast, Lovin' Out Loud! Also, Microsoft may or may not build content filtering into the Zune, by which we mean "probably will." Also, should judges decide the intent of technology in awarding boffo-size judgments against P2P search engines? And on that note, we're off to order some pizza online.

Stories CoveredEdit

Revoked NSL aimed at Internet Archive shows need for reform [1] [2]

Zune to build copyright protection into the player (Thanks, Eric and Josh!) [3] [4]

Microsoft denies putting ‘copyright cop’ in Zune [5]

TorrentSpy ordered to pay $110M [6]

TorrentSpy to appeal whopper legal judgment [7]

Report: PC gamers angry at EA DRM system [8]

Casio suckers bloggers into writing about upcoming G-Shock event [9]

In Australia, XP cheaper than Linux on Eee 900 [10]

Pranksters (?) hood a Google Street View cam with a plastic bag [11]

Papa John’s surpasses $1 billion in online pizza sales [12]

NASA offers $5,000 a month for you to lie in bed [13]

From The PhonesEdit

Tracy from AtlantaEdit

A request for Comcast

Josh from DenverEdit

Another request for Comcast (legislation-wise).

Tony from FloridaEdit

I have an MP3 question.

In the ForumsEdit

Silent Vista-loving majority?Edit


Hee hee, get off my cloudEdit

Sorely wanted to find an MP3 of that song to attach, but that might be infringing…

Just had a discussion with a coworker about music, iPods, ISP caps etc. and we thought of something that I don’t know if you have covered. He is a photo enthusiast and has over 300GB of his photos stored locally, and was thinking of some online backup solutions in addition to his redundant local storage.

With the move to Cloud computing and online backup, users like him may potentially be moving lots of data (maybe even Yottabytes in aggregate) through the tubes. Could the advent of universal ISP caps (even as generous as 250GB/month) put a crimp in the utility of the ‘Cloud’ for backup and restore of large amounts of data (including things like purchased MP3 files which could look like infringing content to deep packet inspectors).

Just a thought..

Bob in New Jersey

Portugese Lion KingEdit

Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that you have at least one Portuguese listener, me. And by the way, the Lion King was pretty big in Portugal and it was the first Disney movie dubbed in Portuguese. Before that, the Disney movies were dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese which is quite different (like American English and United Kingdom English) (Wikipedia confirms this). You guys make a great show.

Take care,

Clara F. (Portuguese-American Biology graduate student currently in Kentucky)

Geopbytes and other obscenitiesEdit

Dear Molly, Jason, and Tom,

Yottabytes < Brontobytes < Geobytes

Here is the breakdown:

  • A bit is a single binary digit, zero or one.
  • A byte is eight bits.
  • A kilobyte is 1024 bytes.
  • A megabyte is 1024 kilobytes which is 1048576 bytes.
  • A gigabyte is 1024 megabytes which is about 1.07 * 10^9 bytes.
  • A terabyte is 1024 gigabytes which is about 1.10 * 10^12 bytes.
  • A petabyte is 1024 terabytes which is about 1.13 * 10^15 bytes.
  • An exabyte is 1024 petabytes which is about 1.15 * 10^18 bytes.
  • A zettabyte is 1024 exabytes which is about 1.18 * 10^21 bytes.
  • A yottabyte is 1024 zettabytes which is about 1.21 * 10^24 bytes.
  • A brontobyte is 1024 yottabytes which is about 1.24 * 10^27 bytes.
  • A geobyte is 1024 brontobytes which is about 1.27 * 10^30 bytes.

Is that not obscene? How much storage do you need? It would be interesting to see how much 1080p video could fit on a “geopbyte” drive. I’m just saying.

Love the show. Keep up your good work,

John McKenna geeks have historic landmarksEdit

Hey JaMoTo,

I was listening to episode 718 and you were talking about how there ought to be a tour guide site for geek-themed places. So I ran out and registered and put up version 0.10. I'm hoping people will send in suggestions of locations and how to improve the site. My next goal is to add the ability to query by state, city, or other options that are relevant.

P.S. You ought to get a promo code for with all the domain registering you inspire.

Scott Gottreu

Additional NotesEdit

After The CreditsEdit

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