708 - Meat Parade
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mii parades, Sony Home, and growing new limbs. Slow news days make for the best shows of all. Oh, and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says evidence points to widespread Internet blocking, Netflix's CEO says the company will charge a slight premium for Blu-Ray Discs, and Stephen Hawking says primitive alien life is either likely, or rampant on Earth.

Stories CoveredEdit

FCC’s Martin: Comcast blocking was widespread [1]]

Microsoft XP SP 3 coming April 29 [2] [3]

Sony BMG joins Nokia’s unlimited music service [4]

Sony to delay Home online service for PS3 again [5]

Big week in Microsoft-Yahoo battle [6]

Netflix CEO: Will charge ‘premium’ for Blu-ray Discs [7]

And the Webware 100 Winners are… [8]

The military plans to regrow body parts [9]

Stephen Hawking: Primitive alien life likely stephen_hawking_3

From The PhonesEdit

Michael Hong KongEdit

Talking smack at a young age.

Joe WestsideEdit

How do I get Geek Pop in my TiVo.


Here’s a thought.

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708 is specialEdit

Dear Buzzers out loud,

I noticed that episode 708 is coming up next. This is special because if you type “708″ into a calculator and turn it upside down, it spells "BOL." You can also try typing in 710.77345

--Stephen Hart, Canada

Skype correctionEdit

Well actually,

The article from Reuters said, “Internet calling company Skype said on Monday that it would offer an unlimited long-distance calling service for customers who want to reach friends and family without computers or Internet access.”

This means that the receiving party of the call need not have Internet access or a computer. The calling party must still use a computer (or Skype handset) to initiate the call.

Love the Show!

--Daniel Smith

Vudu becomes more than just a set-top boxEdit

Good morning ToMoJa!

I don’t know if you’ve heard this, or if you care, but the Vudu box is about to become a multiroom video distribution server.


Windows release patternsEdit

Releasing Windows 7 instead of fixing Vista takes Microsoft down an interesting road. They will just teach folks to skip every other generation. Microsoft would have to start planning a bum version of windows for folks to skip while waiting on the real upgrade.

98, Keep. ME, Skip XP, Keep Vista, Skip 7, Keep

Leapfrog anyone? --Mark P. Snyder, PE (RK in the forums)

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After The CreditsEdit

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