694 - Know Your Zombies
Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's zombie-preparedness day, and may we suggest you also prepare yourself for a barrage of rumors of the eBay and Blu-ray variety. Also, today, Amazon reaches right inside Molly's brain and launches shopping via text-message (hello, impulse purchase heaven!), and one listener defends the sacred honor of the Chevy Nova.

Stories CoveredEdit

Judge to RIAA: You can't sue over songs 'made available' via P2P [1]

eBay's power sell: Skype to Google? [2]

Amazon Launches Text-Message Shopping [3] [4]

Xbox 360 with Blu-ray to spark price war with Sony PS3? [5]

Microsoft to give XP stay of execution—for budget laptops [6]

Google's CIO leaves search giant for job at EMI [7]

New 20" iMac Screens Show 98% Fewer Colors [8]

Intel trots out wireless chips, discusses eight cores at IDF [9]

eBay Yanks Sale of Hacked Vista Laptop [10]

Germany says "Willkommen!" to TV on iTunes [11]

Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile demands Engadget Mobile discontinue using the color magenta [12]

Nokia Unveils Its First WiMax Device In N810 Tablet [13]

From The PhonesEdit

Robert D An important message

Patrick New Hampshire A key point you missed about RIAA.

Anonymous April Fool's joke

In the ForumsEdit


Nova inferiorEdit


I must say that I feel you spoke out of turn when saying that any new fangled Volvo would make an American classic like the Chevy Nova inferior. I’d gladly pit my ‘71 Chevy Nova vs anything on the road today. The car survived 3 collisions (people hitting me) from “superior” modern cars that crumpled into an accordion, while my Nova’s total damage out of all 3 collisions was one tail light and two marker lights. The crumpled plastic of those modern cars didn’t even make a dent in the steel body of the Chevy Nova. American muscle all the way!

Love the show

-David the Graphic Designer

So say we all!Edit

I am half a week behind in BOLs, so if this was brought up I apologize

Jason horrified me with his lack of Battlestar knowledge! Dude, where is your nerd-cred!?!??!

In honor of the new season starting Friday, I thought it would either be really cool or a colossal waste of time to have citizens of buzztown send in a MP3 (or whatever format) of them saying "So Say We All". That way JoMoTo could say it, and all of use could say it back. I will even volunteer to splice them all together and send back a mp3 to play (I'll set up a gmail account to set it up). Let me know what you guys think!

Kevin from Michigan.

Notepad for iPhoneEdit

Dear CNET,

I have just released a beta of an application I like to call "GoOffice". The features of this beta include the following extras: Being able to save your notes as text, pdf's, xml code, html, and javascript. Full intergration for images in all formats Online and Offline.

To use this application on your Ipod Touch, Iphone, PC or Mac just go to this url in your web browser:

Final release coming soon.

Your's Sincerly Windowsmad / Jack O'Brien

Betamax to HD-DVD converterEdit

Hey Buzz crew,

I haven't listened to today's (or yesterday's, for that matter) podcast, so forgive me if this is a dupe, but I thought you'd enjoy this:

Undoubtedly April Fool's, but fun anyway.

Eric in Shrewsbury, MA

Additional NotesEdit

Molly got into a really un-necessary argument with Tom in this Episode. After discussing the possibility of an internet tax on ISP's to re-imburse the RIAA for downloading music illegally, Molly insisted that the tax kills any reason for anybody to innovate in providing music for download. Tom questions this statement, pointing out that even when there was no money to be made, there was still innovative music delivery sites and software that allowed people to both deliver and get music. Molly then cites Rhapsody and other "existing subscription services", pointing out that those business models would die given such a tax--a point Tom concedes. After restating his basic argument, Molly resonds, "people were innovating", and continues with an unfinished statement about Napster being a market correction. Tom, upon seeing that the argument was futile given Molly's inability to back up her argument with any substantive evidence to point to the fact that there would be "no innovation"... and sensing her unwillingness to concede the point, tastefully ends the conversation with "well, I just disagree with you"... to which Molly looses it, making for one of the most awkward segways in BOL history! Come ON Molly! Have, like, = <this much humility just for once in your life... sheesh!


  • "I think that device has proven that there is a market for that device" - Molly
  • "You can sell digital goods on Ebay?" - Tom
  • "tramits un fruends" - Molly

After The CreditsEdit

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