690 - Your stupidity saves dogs
Thursday, March 27, 2008

The combination of foolish corporate admins and folks who don't read very well actually help save animals. It's a story about do not reply--and it's a good one. In other news, Comcast and BitTorrent reach a surprising deal that benefits both of them. We're boggled, as well.

Stories CoveredEdit

Happily ever after for Comcast, BitTorrent? [1]

Safari 3.1 for Windows violates its EULA, vulnerable to hacks [2]

YouTube to provide more viewership information [3]

Will plug-in hybrids crash the grid? Duke Energy says no. [4]

Adobe opens shop on Web-based Photoshop Express [5]

Apple settles the amazing multicolor lawsuit [6]

iPO Reports - Gartner: Second Round of 10M 3G iPhones Possible (Thanks Peter!) [7]

Bug Labs sells out of initial inventory, founder pumped [8]

Pirillo starts large scale community CMS project [9]

Techdirt: It turns out plenty of people reply to [10]

CNET laying off 120 In 'Workforce Realignment'; 10 percent of U.S. workforce; internal memo [11]

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New Rule!

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Highly Technical Problem by Linearly

Moustronaut by 2klbofun

public letter to Motorola exec seems honest, fierce... by shmody

Info about the CNET layoffs? by merrybrown

CNET Reorganization by Willbost


My last e-mail about people as walking Wi-Fi hot spots was a bit of a joke, but this article on PC World that I found via Gizmodo might make it a reality.Edit

PC World Story:

Gizmodo Story:

Erik the MBA student from Tulsa


While listening to #689 it occurred to me that Wood and Merritt argue like a couple that have been married too long. It’s painful to be exposed to, so I no longer will.


Search keywords on Ads in JapanEdit

I’m now reporting from Tokyo, as one of the few (?) listeners in Japan.

Well, on episode yesterday, you were talking about the “search word ads in Japan”, and ya, the report is right. There’re plenty of ads showing text box and keyword in it. Normally, it desn’t specify which search engine. (Yahoo! Japan is still more popular than Google in Japan, for your knowledge.) Of course, you require some knowledge of SEO, but the trick is simple! Those keywords are normally in Japanese (japanese letters, especially), so a lot of pages are already filtered out. Then, you pick up a few presumably rarely used keywords and add them into HTML. Voila, your website is listed on top of all!!

By the way, EEE PC is shipped with Windows XP installed in Japan. People appreciate the decision not to choose Linux. What a shame! (I’m Mac user heavily depending on MacPorts.)

All right, thanks for the good show. Have a good day!

--Hiroshi from Tokyo

Flash Lite 3Edit

Hey guys, Nokia just updated the N95 firmware and included Flash Lite 3 so I can now watch Flash video from BBC iPlayer on the bus in a morning, as well as visit all those restaurant Web sites with flash home pages.

From what I’ve noticed there isn’t any impact on battery life, plus its as good as the full flash on a computer, scrolling around the Web page is still annoying.

--Matty, UK student

Bell Canada story is worse than you reportedEdit

There is a bigger issue with Bell’s throttling of “their” internet. Canada has rules that requires Bell to allow third party ISPs to access customers over Bell’s phone lines. Many of these third party ISPs have made not throttling a major selling point of their service. However Bell is throttling the traffic between the end user and Internet service providers, thus they are forcing throttling on all the third party ISPs that are delivered over the phone lines.

As always, Michael Geist has good coverage of this issue.


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