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Monday, March 24, 2008

Stories CoveredEdit

Breaking: Sony won't charge $50 to remove Bloatware [1] [2] [3]

Mozilla CEO says Apple's Safari 'update' undermines users' trust [4]

Rick-rolled to child porn = you're a pedophile, says FBI [5]

Australian WiMax pioneer calls it a disaster [6]

Comcast considers creepy new addition to the set-top box (Thanks, Joe!) [7]

X Prize for cars [8]

University of Pennsylvania recommends against Vista SP1 [9]

Microsoft releasing XP SP3 this week? [10]

A new tool from Google worries brand-name sites [11]

Ryerson won't expel student over study group [12]

Doctors To Control Robot Surgeon With Their Eyes [13]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Josh Denver

24-hour rental thoughts.

  • Weird Threat Guy

Adobe Flash on iPhone.

  • Meggy Indiana

Wait… how do I do that?

Our Favorite Kind of Call Thanks!

In the ForumsEdit

Every Episode of South Park Ever Online Now :P [14]

Gen Y has spoken on NASA; slides 12-26 are rather telling... [15]

How to bulletproof a vehicle, pics of the process... [16]

CNET Spanish version! [17]

Supernova"caught on camera"... [18]


Wi-Fi in carsEdit

Hi Buzz Crew,

This is pretty cool. Data rate will probably be slow unless you have 3G, but it’s better than nothing. chrysler-adding-wifi-data-to-ho-hum-09-fleet/

Joe AKA dOgBOi

Crapware for the MacEdit

Molly, Tom and Jason

I heard you mention that crapware wasn’t dumped on Macs. 8-) Well Actually, it depends on your definition of “crap”. There is a Microsoft Office 30-day demo offered on recent Macs. It's a crippled version of Office that lasts for 30 days from your first use and cannot, for example, print any of the documents you create with this application until you pay to upgrade it. Even more annoying, if you bring over a previously purchased full version of Office from an older Mac with the Migration Assistant, you are now in danger of deleting BOTH versions of Office when you use the “Uninstall” feature of the demo version. This all adds up to “crap” in my dictionary.

Although I appreciate and enjoy your efforts, I’m not going to join the ranks of the “Love the show” automatons by appending that phrase to the end of my e-mail.

Warm regards, Michael Prete

Nielson ratings jankinessEdit

Last week on BOL when you had Randall on, you guys got to talking about the Nielsen ratings, and how janky they were for not including people without landlines. This is just not the case. While it is true that in the past this was the case, Nielsen is rapidly rolling out a selection process that does not rely on participants having a home phone line. The national sample has been this way for years, the top local markets are already converted, and with the smaller markets converting over at a pretty fast pace it will be a nonissue in short order.

Been listening to the show since episode one. Keep up the good work.

Dave the Nielsen Guy

P.S. My wife loves the show, the Tivo videos, and Gadgettes. Thanks for helping me convert her into a techie.

Gates-signed console arrivesEdit

Hey JoMoTo, even-happier-ending-for-cleaned-xbox-360-owner-gates-signed-c/

Good on you Microsoft.

Keep up the good work


iPhone in Start TrekEdit

Hey Tom and Molly:

Interesting rumor about the iPhone acting as a Star Trek communicator in the upcoming film:

Nothing is confirmed, but it looks interesting.

Keep up the good work.

Roberto Suarez Portland, Ore.

Additional NotesEdit


After The CreditsEdit

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