676 - Don't lecture me
Friday, March 7, 2008

We try to cool it on the proselytizing, while also keeping the iPhone SDK hype to a minimum. Both tasks are incredibly hard. In other news today, the Air Force is going to take charge of the Internet, using the sacred "six Ds" principle. Look out!

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Apple’s iPhone SDK Strategy Both Promotes and Stifles Innovation[1]
  • iPhone SDK, Apple’s Touch Platform, and The Next Two Decades[2]
  • FAQ: What does the iPhone SDK mean?[3]
  • Rumor: Sprint will spin off Nextel[4]
  • Air Force Cyber Command Wants Intarwebs Supremacy (Thanks Jacob!)[5]
  • Analysts say T-Mobile may acquire Sprint[6]
  • Report: Google, Microsoft, and two media companies bidding on Digg[7]
  • MIX08 - Steve Ballmer screams "Web developers. Web developers. Web developers"[8]
  • Sony Reportedly Discussing Blu-ray Xbox With Microsoft[9]
  • MobiTV Threatens Howard Forums[10]
  • Russia's RuTube Video Site Sells To Gazprom; Valued At $15 Million: Report[11]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Leif from East Bay: Adam Corolla Hook-up
  • Jeremy from Delaware: New Palm crusade.



Hey BOL, I work for the Forest Service in Albuquerque NM, I just found it funny that even in my Federal Gov’t office i can access BoingBoing, reddit, digg, etc. The only thing which are blocked are game sites and Facebook and Myspace. But I find it funny that the Denver Airport has more censorship than a Federal Office building, love the show.


IE8 griefEdit


You were giving the IE team grief over their first beta having a crash/restart/crash cycle. I have experienced that same cycle multiple times with the latest beta of Firefox 3. In fact, the FF3 betas have been crashing on me on a very consistent basis since I started trying it. In fact, it’s so bad sometimes that I have to go back to FF2 or IE to get work done. So, you should either give the IE team a break or start being harder on the FF team.


Memory and intelligenceEdit

Hey guys,

Memory is indeed part of intelligence and necessary for it. The WAIS (a standard IQ test) has a digit span component, in which the subject must repeat back a series of digits to the test administrator. This measures short term memory (more specifically the phonological loop part of working memory). This is what most people think of as memory of course.

That said, the ability to know how to look something up, or where to look, or even what search terms to use in Google (or if you are a mom....) is also stored in memory. This is a different sort of memory, memory for facts about the world. This is called semantic memory, and is implicit (it just sort of happens, you are not aware that you are using memory). On an interesting side note, researchers have found that people with higher IQs actually show less brain activity when solving a problem than those with lower IQs. Perhaps this shows that intelligence is also about efficiency.

Dave (the psychologist)

Hacked YouTube vid from iPod Touch commercialEdit

Hey guys its “AJ” get it “AlexJason”

Anyway I was listening to episode 674 and heard the clip you guys played of the #1 youtube video by Can Sei de Ser Sexy, I can see how it could be a hack but I have some insight as to who could have done it. This song was used in the first iPod touch commercial, hmmm Apple fanatic gone wild? Maybe… By the way Tom, Molly is right go see the Evolution of Dance! Its Awesome :)


Your story about Flash on iPhonesEdit

Dear Tom, Molly and Jason, Yesterday in Buzz Podcast #674 you talked about Steve Jobs’ comments on Flash and the iPhone. This article from Apple Insider has a pretty good analysis of why it’s not used and the alternate approach, using web standards, that Apple is pursuing instead.

As the article states:

The company [Apple] is pushing the use of standard H.264 video, advocating the future development of standards-based web applications with WHATWG and HTML 5.0 along with partners Firefox and Opera (and increasingly Microsoft), and using Ajax technologies centered on open standards including JavaScript and CSS right now. In fact, Apple has removed nearly every vestige of Flash from its corporate website.

Using open standards seems like a much better way to go.

Keep up the great work. Alex Grossman aka Alex in Beverly Hills

Trent Reznor’s hairEdit

Just wanted to let you know that Trent Reznor now keeps his head buzzed short, so there is no way he could have packed locks of it into the crazy $300 package.


Additional NotesEdit


BOLcat of Turtle Hats

  • Tom's camera captures 17.5 minutes of pen flips
  • Buzz Crew wears a goofy turtle hat




After The CreditsEdit

  • Adam from Salt Lake: Phrases for Jason to use in lieu of "interesting"
  • Randy from San Diego: Do you get a BSOD when you die?
  • Strange caller impersonating Fat Albert: Love the show

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