650 - Calculus is bogus
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stories Covered Edit

Google and Dell team up against iPhone?

Microsoft sanctions extended to 2009

PS3 capacity boost claims are claptrap, says Sony U.K.

Report: Sprint, Clearwire in new talks on WiMax partnership

Yahoo captcha hacked

Gateway adds Blu-ray/HD DVD combo drives, new eMachines desktops

U2 manager takes Internet providers to task

Wireless auction concerns rise as some airwaves languish

ICANN moves to disable domain tasting

Nyko reveals cord-free adapter for Wii Nunchuck, retrofitters rejoice

Return of CueCat

Chinese make Olympic weather bow to Party's will

Discussion Highlights Edit

Tom is twiching like he's having a seizure... but it turns out that there was just someone taking pictures in the adjoining studio. Tom also thinks Sprint is going about WI-MAX by partnering up with Google.

Molly discusses how ridiculous it is to require ISP's to filter content to protect the music industry. The general consensus is that ISPs are common carriers and are no more liable for the theft of music then a phone company is for a conspiracy hatched by individuals over the phone. It is not the responsibility of ISPs to save the business model of another industry. It's just like a tellemarketer should not be able to sue the telecom if people don't pick up the phone.

Molly uses the word "facile" and Tom approves. Facile means "childish and without depth"

Tom challenges molly's source (the BBC) about what the death rate is for Everest climbers (1 in 10). He is still skeptical and asks who the BBC's source is. The source is the British Medical Journal -- a journal Tom respects.

Tom is developing a bad habit of using "nerd-speak" when reading emails that deal with scientific concepts.

Molly has a real "blonde moment" -- using her journalism degree as an excuse for not knowing how to do math.

Quotes Edit

"here's why I think this is flawed; and is in fact, crap" - Tom

"Advertising is a whole lot different then someone putting up a website" - Tom

"Giant tent!, Giant tent!" - Molly

"lick Cindy" - Molly

"that totally smacks of a clever fishing scam" - Tom

"Calculus is bogus" - Molly

"God, America is getting more embarrassing by the day" - Molly

"(singing).. squirtin on the back of the bus... " - Jason

Callers Edit

Mike from Jerzy - windows 7 delayed till 2011 Alex in Austin (the original Alex in Austin) - wonders if the Ebay study takes into account shipping fees. George in Chicago - thinks that humans colonizing another galaxy is the ultimate in "offsite backup"

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