648 - RIP HD DVD
Sunday, January 27, 2008

BOL can now predict, based one early returns, Blu-Ray will win the high-definition format war. But tune in tomorrow, there's still a close race for second place! HD VMD could make a surprise showing! In other news, Scientology, for once, is the one under attack, and Qtrax ... well. Poor Qtrax.

Stories CoveredEdit

Lego bricks turn 50 [1]

Anonymous hackers take on the Church of Scientology [2]

Sales of HD DVD Players Plunge After Warner Move [3]

Blu-ray is smoking HD-DVD [4]

NPD grousp says HD-DVD can still win [5]

Sony killing 80GB PS3, introducing 120GB or 160GB model with Dual Shock 3? [6]

Qtrax's free, ad-based P2P: Gnutella meets Zune-esque DRM [7]

Qtrax off track with Warner Music, UMG [8]

Labels deny deals on file sharing [9]

Qtrax beta launch fails [10]

Amazon to Add MP3 Store to International Sites [11]

News: Gamers get compensation for hot coffee mod [12]

Why the spy satellite won't fall on your head [13]

Asteroid too. [14]

Blow it all up! [15]

Hit man allegedly sought in Craigslist ad [16]

'BusinessWeek': Don't link to us [17]

Court Says You Can Copyright a Cease-And-Desist Letter [18]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Wild podcaster Put some XP on your MacBook.
  • Jason? I pay a lot per text message.
  • Shalin Everybody loves Fordo
  • Mark Five Second Call


  • --

Hey guys,

I'm not one to peruse the news sites, and so I depend on Buzz Out Loud to keep me in the loop on tech related stuff that comes up during small talk around the office.

For the first time, I had to tell my friends and co-workers, that I had not heard of a story. Apparently, it, or a related story had been on USA Today, Wired, Time, NBC, SkyNews, NPR, FOXNews, the Drudge Report, The Register, Slashdot, and, but nothing on BOL.

Sample conversation. Non-tech-savvy Coworker: What do you know about the hackers that attacked Scientology? Me: Hackers attacked Scientology? Non-tech-savvy Coworker: Yeah, it was on Kevin and Bean this morning. I thought you kept up on hacker news. Me: ...

So, I went to Digg, and found dozens of stories.

I depend on BOL to keep me away from places like digg!



  • Molly? Where were you?

Molly, you disappoint the world when you were a no show for TWiT. Just letting you know. :( Love the show Kevin Brown

  • Here's where the iPhones went

Hi everyone,

My name is Nick. I'm thai. I live in Bangkok.

With reference to no. of iPhone Apple sold and no. of iPhone registered with AT&T. I'm not surprise at all. Because most of my friends, my sister, my uncle and my girlfriend are using iPhone. I see iPhone everywhere i go in Bangkok.

There is one shopping center where there are many mobile phone shop (more that 200 mobile phone shop). 95% of those shop have iPhone on sell. They are selling iPhone locked at about USD575 and unlocked iPhone at about USD700.

I heard that AIS (Thai carrier) is talking with Apple to bring iPhone to Thailand officially. But I don't think it will work. As iPhones in US are subsidized by AT&T. Official iPhone would cost USD1,000 in Thailand.

I hope this information would be useful. Love the show. BOL helps me get through Bangkok traffic everyday.

Best regards,


  • Coffee explanation

ian re: the coffee voicemail...remember when you guys were talking about Verizon waking up and smalling the coffee!?! Geez...

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