642 - Monkey see, robot do
Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is why we like technology: You can now just think about your robot servant getting you a beer and it will happen. If you're a monkey. And this is why we don't like technology: It's hard. At least it is for some judges who don't understand DNS. Plus, you get to meet Christina Del Ponte?

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Time Warner to do metered bandwidth (Thanks, Gary!) [1]
  • Leaked memo to Time Warner on metered bandwidth [2]
  • Library of Congress pictures on Flickr [3]
  • Charted! Xbox Live Video Marketplace vs. Apple TV [4]
  • Much ado about Murdoch's 'change of heart' re: free [5]
  • If Jobs says 'people don't read anymore,' does this headline really exist? [6]
  • Some DNS requests ruled illegal in North Dakota [7]
  • announces core initiatives to combat climate change, poverty, and emerging threats [8]
  • Monkeys thoughts make robot walk [9]
  • 'Darkest ever' material created [10]
  • Star Trek-like 'phraselator' helps police [11]
  • 'Wii warm-up' good for surgeons[12]


  • Tiger from Pennsylvania: Blame it on the S-OX.
  • Aneesh: Life imitates The Office.
  • Captain Kevin: Always keep paper maps around.
  • Weird guy: What's up with Christina Del Ponte?


Update on Macworld keynoteEdit

Hey gang,

Just a quick correction on the Macworld keynote on CNN. CNN replayed the keynote after the keynote was originally done. In other words, it was a replay, not live. Sorry I didn't add that in the original e-mail.

After watching a few minutes of the replay on CNN, the audio had an echo and the camera was always out of focus when they zoomed in on Steve Jobs. After watching five minutes, I'd rather read it or wait until Apple released the keynote.

Greg the Mass Comm student who moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Macbook Air: Thin doesn't equal portableEdit

This is Matt from Maine.

I have a comment about the MacBook Air. The MacBook air is thin, but that doesn't mean it's "ultraportable." Most people concerned with size feel that x and y dimensions (the footprint, if you will) are more important than z dimensions (thinness). While the Air is not huge in the x and y directions, it is certainly larger than most other ultraportables in that respect. And that's what counts most when trying to fit a laptop into a small bag or large purse. Additionally, by making it so thin, Apple really burnt a lot of customers who want Ethernet built-in, FireWire, and user-replaceable batteries. Expandability is very limited, the cost (with SSD and 1.8ghz) is very high, and it's larger (x and y) than most ultraportables. I have to admit though, the design is just gorgeous, and I can still see it selling well...just not to performance-only minded people like me!

Reinstalling MacBook AirEdit

Hi Buzz team,

I was looking at the Macbook Air and since it has no built-in DVD drive, what do you do when it comes to reinstalling the operating system when it crashes so you can boot. I assume the 'over wireless disk' won't work without a working operating system.

Just a thought which no one seems to have covered.

Keep up the good work.

Dave, U.K.

Apple Time Machine--really?Edit

Tom, Molly,

I've been listening to the podcast for about a year and a half, and this is the first time I had to write you. You always answer my questions or extinguish my rants on the next podcast. You guys usually have the same questions/rants, or another listener corrects you and that usually satisfies all my problems.

My question here is about the new Apple Time Capsule. Is Steve really going to make us buy a hard drive and another wireless router to back up a Mac wirelessly? I just bought the Airport Extreme! And get this, it has a handy dandy little USB port on the back. I should be able to use Time Machine with my own external hard drive and the Airport. Do I really need to buy another overpriced wireless router from Apple just to get this wireless backup capability? Can't they just update the Time Machine or Airport software to allow this seemingly simple function. Uggh, Steve, where's the software update for this? Gosh, I might be willing to pay you $0.99 for this update, you know for accounting purposes.

I feel obligated to end with "Love the show!", but it's also true.

B-Mike Jacksonville, Florida

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