641 - Save Aaron's grandpa's house
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So the state of South Carolina wants to put a freeway through Aaron's grandpa's house. Sound like Hitchhiker's Guide to anyone? Well, you can help by raising a public outcry. We also determined that it's probably best if you not drive into swamps, even if your GPS tells you to. And of course, don't miss the story on exploding batteries.

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Pirate Bay gets a 4,000-page complaint[1]
  • AT&T to replace 17,000 batteries[2]
  • Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous[3]
  • Facebook run by neocons? [4]
  • Better than nothing: Crippled network DVR alive at Comcast [5]
  • Is GPS liability next? [6]
  • Grayboxx adds user reviews and goes nationwide[7]
  • Help save Aaron's grandfather's house! [8]
  • Y2K38 watch starts Saturday [9]
  • The Crunchies [10]


  • Nathan from Charlotte: The HD-DVDs we got.
  • Shalin: Happy day, everyone!



Macworld predictions spot on!Edit

OK, so I know you don't like self-promotion, but I can't help but feel just a little bit smug that my earlier Macworld predictions aligned exactly with today's announcements. Seriously, check it out.

I'm not really expecting you to read this on the show...I was just, frankly, a bit surprised!

Richard Gunther

iPod TouchEdit

After hearing that Steve Jobs was going to give the iPod Touch something closer to full functionality, I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself. So this morning I traveled to my local Apple store with my pores practically oozing with Apple fanboyism. As the Apple guy started typing the serial number of my new toy into his PDA thing, he told me it would be $300 plus tax and I responded by saying OK. Then I remembered to ask if my iPod touch would come with the new version of firmware that included Mail and Google Maps. He first responded by saying no. After some negotiating, he decided that he would give me a $20 dollar instant rebate so that my iPod Touch would cost $280 and I could buy the upgrade when I got home. I don't know if the Apple employee was not good at his job, misinformed, or was trying to cheat me, but I felt duty-bound to warn the other citizens of Buzztown.

Way to nail the Macworld predictions, Josh from Philly

Before the hype machine starts...Edit

Just wanted to drop a line and mention that Apple did not just invent HD movie rentals with the Apple TV update. Has been available for quite some time now on the Xbox 360 (in the U.S.). You get quite a lot more for your money if you buy an Xbox 360 instead of an Apple TV.

Oh, who am I kidding. In a few weeks people will say Microsoft has copied Apple TV by putting HD rentals on the 360. Apple PR always manages to rewrite history like that in some strange way.

Anyways, thanks for a good show. I listen to every episode.

Fredrik M. Stockholm, Sweden

TiVo with Unbox blows Take2 awayEdit

Tom, Molly, and sick Jason:

I am really confused over the hype that the new Apple TV and Take 2 is getting--haven't we already had the near perfect solution already connected to our wide-screens?

My TiVo Series 3 (and I assume most of the TiVo line) already has a huge hard drive (especially as compared to the puny afterthought put in Apple's), has an incredible built-in HD DVR, can stream videos in many formats from anywhere on my network, can subscribe to audio and video podcasts, can (for a one-time $29.95 fee for TiVo Desktop Plus) download recorded shows to my computer for viewing or syncing to my Zune or other media players, and makes it all seamless--"wow" is the right word, folks!

Oh, and with other seamless Amazon Unbox integration, I can download TV shows and movies (without a computer required if desired) and start watching them immediately while the rest downloads in the background-- sound familiar?

As a long-time ReplayTV user it might be hard to say, but let's embrace the TiVo Revolution my people!!!!

Thank you for the hard work and great podcasts and TiVocasts (I can't get away from you if I tried, you are everywhere)! You make my commutes and long training runs bearable and even enjoyable!! Keep up the great work!

Craig (the ironman triathlete of Buzztown)

Movie rental periodEdit

The 24-hour watch time is ridiculous. (I use Amazon Unbox.) I sit down to watch a movie after the kids have been put to bed. Most times I cannot get through a movie that night, so by the time I get to sit down again the next night, my time is up! We need at least 30-hour rental watch period so that I can be sure of being able to get through it. The result at the moment is I don't rent because I know I will not get through it.

If they want to sell lots of rentals, they need to open up this watch time.

Love the show. Greg Saint Louis

Macworld keynote streamed live?!Edit

Hey gang,

During the keynote, Engadget was slow and I refuse to go to Gizmodo. I went to and they had a live blog going with no slowdown. Thanks to CNET. Anyway, I went to CNN and look what they're showing on the live video: the keynote. How can CNN do this and other news outlets like CNET can't? Enclosed is a screenshot.

Greg "Mass Comm" student Moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!!)

The United States isn't the only country in the world, Apple!Edit

Hey TMJ,

During the 2008 Macworld keynote, Steve Jobs announced that movie rentals were coming to the U.S. iTunes store, and it got me thinking.

How come the U.S. is getting movie rentals when Australia, New Zealand, and other countries don't even have TV shows or movie purchases yet!? Our iPod games are always late, and we have to wait an extra year for the iPhone. The prices on our iPods and Macs are all higher than in the U.S. and we don't have any Apple stores!

Is there a reason for this, or does Apple not care about countries in the Asia Pacific?

Maybe if they started making their presence known, they would have more sales here.

Just making a point. Love the podcast.

Jacob the student from Australia

Black Mustang Club calanderEdit

Buzz Crew:

Al from Michigan, writing about the Black Mustang Club calendar discussion from BOL number 639.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I work at the Ford Motor Company, but I am not writing in any official capacity.

Hopefully, after your anti-Ford rant on the calendar copyright issue-- which, by the way, was initiated by Cafe Press, not Ford--you've checked out the latest on the BoingBoing and Black Mustang Club forums and noted the letter from Ford Communications allowing--nay, encouraging--the calendar to go forward.

Additionally, note that as a 105-year-old consumer product company with one of the most recognized brand names in the world, Ford holds hundreds of copyrights and trademarks globally, which provide a significant revenue stream. Ignoring that revenue would be a disservice to our shareholders. This is not merely sustaining a major corporation, to quote Molly: "on a trickle of consumer abuse."

An example: 2007 was the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford V-8 coupe, better known as the Deuce Coupe. Licensing from this milestone for a product that was actually not much of a sales success when new but has since become an icon, netted Ford millions of dollars last year.

Now, I realize you venture-capital-funded left-coast intelligentsia might turn up your noses at mere millions, but at most organizations, that is real money that can not be ignored, regardless of current financial condition.

And, finally, I am wondering how many additional calendars that the Black Mustang Club will sell as a result of this little brouhaha? My guess: it'll be a banner year. Heck, I had not heard of them before, but I might even buy a calendar.

Thanks, and with the exception of your habitual Big Three cynicism, keep up the good work.


Yay! Linux chaser!Edit

Dear BOLers,

I'm writing you this as the first e-mail I've sent on my new mail app on my iPod Touch. Yes, I was a sucker and ponied up the $20 dollars for the "update," forever branding myself as an Apple fangirl. And for me, the self-professed converted Apple fangirl, it was totally worth it.

But onto the true subject of my e-mail. I love the Linux chaser! Honestly, I could care less about the Linux stories, but I love the song and think the concept is hilarious!! (Note: I sang that in my head, just as Molly is occasionally known to do.)

I meant to e-mail bemoaning the loss of the Linux chaser before, but I never got around to it. But, for me at least, the Linux chaser was sorely missed. And I was really excited when it made a return.

Love the show. Love the Linux chaser!!

Meggie G. Carmel, Indiana

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