638 - The Royal Wii
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Zadi Diaz

We stole our title directly from Caroline McCarthy's Crave blog post, because, really, it says it all. The Queen plays Wii bowling. Video! Now! We must have it! In other news from CES today, Microsoft goes totally mercenary on HD DVD, WiMax is back with a vengeance, and Macworld rumors. (Hey, why not?) Plus, we're joined by Epic Fu's Zadi Diaz!

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HD download problem

Hi all,

You all (Molly!) are always saying that digital downloads of HD movies are going to make discs obsolete. Are you going to buy a 50G HD movie in 1080p & with True HD audio & then erase it from your hard drive so you can buy another one? If I buy something I want to keep it--it doesn't matter if it's a disc or a download--I want to keep it so I have the option of watching it again. So if I want to keep my HD downloads collection (I currently have almost 100 Blu-ray movies) I'm going to need to start with a what, a 100 terabyte hard drive?

I'm thinking the price of that will negate any price advantage of downloadable media. Oh & while we're at it, you will need two 100 terabyte hard drives so you can back up all of that media in case your hard drive crashes. Oh but Microsoft's DRM probably won't allow copies.

Thanks, I enjoy the show.

Dave in Broken Arrow (That's in Oklahoma!)

CES moving

Hey gang,

Article on KBVC-TV talks about CES moving to a new venue because of increase costs and hotel rates. Link to article. Could this lead to a new venue or a split into a smaller CES?

Greg "Mass Comm" student New Orleans, Louisiana

Why Nintendo doesn't sell DS games on Wii

Hey guys, love the show

After listening to 635 where both Tom and Molly question why Nintendo won't simply "sell" DS games on the Wii, I thought for a bit. Then I realized that the DS hardware would not even be able to save games on to the device to play at a later time. It is very possible that the DS could boot up and store a demo in RAM, but as soon as you turn it off, the demo would be gone until you re-fetched it from the Wii. I could maybe see them selling a small card the size of a game on which full games could be stored, but I don't see the necessity.

A long-time listener,

Mike from Tulsa, Oklahoma

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