633 - It's all about the baggies
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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  • Cindi Reston, Virginia Remy has a sexy voice

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How CNET wifi ended up in antarctica!


Tom's Predictions already coming true?
I listened to Episode 631 last night where Tom predicted that a network would broadcast and simultaneously stream a program in 2008. I don't know if this is what Tom had in mind, but NBC & the NHL did just that with the outdoor game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabers on January 1st. I didn't try the Internet feed myself though, opting to watch my Penguins & Sydney Crosby in High Definition. To me, this is how you defeat the time-zone issues, by streaming live sports. If this counts and Tom nails a prediction on the 1st, I'd be willing to bet he knew of it when you recorded the show! Cheers, Caleb wishing he still lived in Pittsburgh.

Movie man Jason, Apparently, there is already a movie named LOL
here --Josh from Tucson

Molly is right
Hi buzz crew. In the 2008 prediction show Molly had stated that our battery problem would be solved by 2012. Isnt that the year of the asteroid/global meltdown/great flood, according to many astrological predictions? I guess we wont be needing much of anything by then. So u iz rite Molly! Thanks for another year of wonderful shows -koo from jersey

Culture of Ownership
Hey Guys, I finally got my definition of "Culture of Ownership" approved on the UrbanDictionary and just wanted to check with Molly to make sure it's correct :) Thanks! Matt from Toronto

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