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Friday, May 11, 2007

Episode TitleEdit

You can call DRM whatever you want, but it's still the same thing- -seriously, it's not an "image issue." Stick around for the end of the podcast for "bunnies made of cheese."

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Apple, Real, others served dumbest DMCA-related cease-and-desist ever
  • Vonage may have way around patent disputes
  • McCartney says Beatles download issues "virtually settled"; his first digital album
  • Senate bill aims to rollback royalty rate hike for net radio
  • Thousands of ICQ numbers deleted
  • iPod makes pacemakers skip a beat
  • California plans to use text-message alerts
  • HBO thinks DRM just needs a name change
  • Highest mobile call climb begins
  • Everyone uses Twitter, even telescopes!
  • Bunnies made of cheese

From The PhonesEdit

  • Victor from New York MPEG4 is everywhere.
  • Alex in Breyer Works like TiVo but doesn't look like TiVo.
  • Randy in Carlsbad Bacteria couldn't survive in space...could it?
  • Chris the geologist Light temperature in CFL bulbs.


Take a risk TV
I know that TV companies are afraid of putting their content on the Web and hate it when their content shows up on sites like YouTube, but do you think that they will ever use the Web to try out new content? For example, instead of airing a show's two-hour pilot on Sunday like a certain network (FOX), then airing the next episode on the following Monday, and then canceling it, do you think that they will just put up the first three or four episodes on sites like YouTube to see if the audience is interested in a show before they spend their money and ad space? I'm sure that YouTube would give then their own channel and YouTube already has the infrastructure to track how many people viewed the show.


CFL and pizza (not Canadian football)
Just thought I'd point out that here in South Africa, there have been some recent issues with the power grid, and as a result, the government teamed up with one of the biggest pizza chains to distribute CFL replacement bulbs.

When you called in your order, they would ask you if you wanted to swap any incandescent bulbs for CFLs, and the delivery guy would bring you free CFLs. Cool!


The Verizon patterns seem to say: If you can hook up a phone, to the Internet, we've gotta patent it - Tom
It's an Oxymoron... I mean it's not really an Oxymoron - Veronica
Uber Super happy fun turbo content supprise - Veroinca
I'm glad we've saved DRM - Tom

After The CreditsEdit

  • Bunny's made of cheese.
  • Aran From jacson tenicy Appolicy, made Jackson Tenicy sound bad.

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