004 - NBC correspondent paid by tech companies
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

NBC correspondent paid by tech companiesEdit

NBC correspondent paid by tech companies; Firefox not so safe after all?; Opera 8 released!; Samsung phone has voice recognition

Stories CoveredEdit

An NBC Today Show takes money from tech company's, such as Apple, Sony, HP, etc, and Tom is irate that he is never offered money from vendors, not that he would take it. Apparently, theres a reported shadowy organization of people who are paid to mention products. NBC fully knows about it, and does not object, and state that it is hard to find editors who are not affected in this way. This shocks Tom and Molly. Don't trust the today show for tech news!

Negative news surrounding Firefox, including 2 severe vulnerabilities. Mozilla is issuing fixes the next day, where IE has patches every month, if ever. Molly thinks that if Firefox gets popular enough, more flaws will be found. Tom debates this, and points to the Linux/Mac issue on the same concept.

In more browser news, Opera, who had tabs before anyone else, has issued version 8. Tom has always had little bugs with Opera, so prefers Mozilla. Molly agrees, citing keyboard combo's, and predicts its death.

New Samsung P207, that Molly saw at CES, has voice recognition that will allow for voice-text messaging. the phone, about $80, is carried by Cingular. Molly thinks that is ridiculous, as what is the point of text messaging with your voice? Tom, with a 9 button phone, thinks that it is good if you are in some place where talking is no issue, and you do not want to pluck at keys. Apparently, speech recognition is very bad back in 2005.

Apparently, robots ride camels. No more said on the matter.

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