369 - We\'re moving to the moon
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

We're moving to the moonEdit

Luckily, if all goes wrong on Earth after the year 2020, we might have a base on the moon available. Maybe someone will even take my advice and start terraforming the moon, so it can be like a little vacation spot for adventurous Earth-dwellers. A girl can dream.


  • Molly is still on vacation, but will be back Wednesday.
  • Veronica will be on vacation starting Thursday.


  • Today is Sachertorte day!
  • Tomorrows holidays are covered.

News ItemsEdit

  • NASA has read Tom's NaNoWriMo book and is planning to build a permanent moon base after 2020.
  • Toshiba has announced a 1.8" 100GB hard disk.
  • Veronica eats leftover Kung-pow chicken, and pays for it for the rest of the episode.
  • YouTube faces Japan over rights management.
    • Will this result in a YouTube no one wants to watch?
  • Internet traffic is surging to iTunes and X-Box Live services.
    • iTunes related to upgrades?
    • XBL related to new content
  • Brittany Spears is number 1!
  • GPS leads an ambulance driver astray with a patient.
  • AT&T and SBC merger continues.
    • The FCC Commissioner has recused himself over conflict of interest leading to a 2v2 deadlock.
    • The FCC Chairman has asked that the FCC's lawyers find a resolution.
  • Hackers get a pro-evolution website de-indexed by turning it into a link farm.


  • Bob from Wisconsin called about physical patch issuance: The Wii Woah!.
  • A call about hacking cellphones.
    • Maybe Steve "Mad Dog" Jobs is out to listen into your phone calls with hidden batteries in your iPhone.
  • Brent the Photographer from Ohio called about Apple Computers buying Apple Corp. for their Beatles catalogue as a future negotiations technique.

Listerner mailEdit

  • Many e-mails on determining what version of Windows you are running.
    • Joseph writes in that Windows 95-Me was DOS 7.x and provides a link to Wikipedia for the versions and release dates of WindowsNT.
  • Kevin from Calgary writes in about the X-Box 360 controller icon in Windows Live
  • Frank the Copyright Lawyer writes in about what will happen if the Beatles catalogue goes public domain in the UK, but not in the US.
  • Dennis O. writes in about a USC student that has turned his Mac Powerbook Ti into a tablet.
  • A number of e-mails about Tomato Torrent.
  • Dixon L. writes in about which political positions various tech luminaries should hold:
    • Veronica: Agriculture Secretary
    • Molly: Congressional Librarian
    • Tom: Ambassador to the Vatican.
  • Mike the poor college student writes in about the etymology of the word "denizen".
    • The political structure of Buzz Town follows.

Update on the search for the Kim familyEdit

  • Everyone but James has been found as he set out to try and find help but had not returned.

The last callEdit

  • Aaron from LA called on advice for using most voicemail systems.

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