254 - Amazing automated party room
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Molly Wood, Tom Merrit, Veronica Belmont
Veronica Belmont
Zach Anderson

Amazing automated party roomEdit

Learn how to turn your room into an instant party from MIT student Zach Anderson. See the video at:

Myspace is trying to keep on top of all the security concerns by making stricter rules for users under 18.

AOL really does not want people to stop their service as seen by one man's horrible experience.

Netflix is announcing a set top box for movie downloads.

Text America is canceling all their members unless they pay. How much? "You can't question!" says Text America.

50 Cent is working with Apple to create a lower price computer for underprivileged children. Queue the puns of an iPod costing 50cents.

Mollyrant for the day: is spreading FUD about how having a free internet will raise taxes. This leads to another discussion about net neutrality.

Call RIAA day on Friday, June 23, 2006, and tell them you do not like DRM as a form of protest. Molly's recommendation is to just not buy DRMed music.

The internet is helping eliminate skin cancer. A article discusses a recent study that Americans are going outside less because of the internet, movies, and video games.

University of British Colombia creates tinny car that gets 3145mpg.

Rugby fans do not wear pants while watching the games.


Dave in Belleville, Il -- Why does Neilson care about "non-traditional" viewing of TV shows?

   Because of exploiting new ways of "non-traditional" advertising.

Clarke in North Carolina -- Bluray looks horrible! DVD looks better on the same system.

   Bad transfers of the original material?

Marshal from San Jose -- Giant roaches with guns, or ninjas can replace polar bears.

Remmy -- Arial, Times New Roman fonts must die; and Comic Sans MS must die, A LOT!!

Email: (only one today due to time constraints)

Andrew from Seattle sends link to polar bears with lasers.

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