135 - The fabulous prediction show!
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Tom Merritt

Molly Wood

Veronica Belmont
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What is in store for the coming year? Listen to find out our predictions!

Tom MerrittEdit

  • Mac Intel laptops will not be a big deal.
  • Storage revolution - thumb drives and hard drives will compete with optical storage. (I.E. DVDs and CDs)
  • A big player in the music business will abandon DRM. Itunes is put out of business.
  • By the end of the year - more attacks on the Internet. (I.E. Tiered Internet)
  • A strange man who is a Banker in charge of a large sum of money will email Tom and offer to share part of that money if he helps the man getting it out of his country. Tom will become rich and retire by spotting that in fact, it is not a Nigerian email scam, but is actually true.
  • Sony will "Get it" this year and come out with a file format with no DRM - but has never been heard of before and will only play on Sony music players.

Molly WoodEdit

  • People in 2006 will continue to:
    • Open attachments
    • Click links in email
    • Buy things from spam
  • Apple will release a DVR in 2006 - Most likely a re tuned mac.
  • Google will release a web based computing environment.
  • 2006 will be the year of the HD-TV.
  • 2006 will be the year of Video On Demand - anywhere and anywhere.
  • 2006 could see an Internet only TV network.
  • The Ipod will not get an FM tuner. But may get XM or Serious
  • Vista will be cooler than expected.
  • Your Mum will know what VOIP is.

Veronica BelmontEdit

  • Something is going to go on with the Ipod family line. (1GB nano?)
  • Ipod mini will be resurrected.

What will not happen in 2006Edit

  • Apple will not release a 2 button mouse. (Molly)
  • The USA will fall behind the rest of the world in broadband speed (Molly)
    • Internet video is hampered by the fact above. (Molly)
  • Web 2.0 will not end up being anything really. (Tom)
  • The DMCA will not be overturned. (Tom)
  • Patent law will not be improved. (Tom)
  • A consumer rebeleon in 2006 against DRM. (Molly)

Joke predictionsEdit

The following are a list of predictions that were made in jest:

  • Google will buy Yahoo on November 13th 2006 (Tom)

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