1273 - A little bit of the old UltraViolet
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another decade, another attempt at an almost certainly ill-fated universal DRM scheme. Hooray! This time, it's UltraViolet, and no, Disney (meaning Apple) isn't on board. Also, new details on how Google and China reached their license renewal deal. Upshot: diplomacy in action. And Apple is closing in on surpassing Microsoft in actual revenue. Yowsa.

Stories CoveredEdit

Breaking: New Google Image Search

Introducing UltraViolet: Buy Your Digital Movie Once, Play It Anywhere?

China says Google renewal due to legal compliance

Amazon: Kindle titles outpacing hardcovers

Apple closes in on Microsoft in revenue race

Apple’s REAL Earnings Expectations

Users Rate Facebook Slightly Above the Tax Man

Nokia Conducting Search to Replace CEO

Apple responds to query about privacy policy changes

MOG Launches All-You-Can-Eat Music Service For iPhone And Android

The Loris Lives! First Pictures of Primate Thought To Be Extinct

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix(es) at the end of the show:

Jan Neland

Thomas Canada (find more music by Thomas here! and hire him here!


Chris on the Zune


Hey Buzz Gang;

Two quick points between Friday’s Show and Monday’s Show.

1. I had the infection/virus on my router at home and successfully removed it over the weekend. It is a complete pain; essentially your router sprouts up pop-up ads and browser redirections no matter what browser you are using. It is especially common when clicking on Google links. There is no really simple way to remove all of the malware; but you have to reset your router and clear settings on your computer. (Big thanks to for all their help. If you or anyone else happen to get this router infection, head over there and they can help you out). If you notice your computer having a lot of pop-ups or links in Google not working and bringing up “”Google Analytics”" then you most likely have it.


Hey Buzz Crew,

Improv Everywhere did the whole desktop at Starbucks thing back in 2008. And they did it epically with not one, not two, but three desktop computers. And did they use nice portable LCD monitors? No they used CRT monitors.

Just thought you should know,

Dustin in Huntington Beach, CA

Here’s a picture of a guy playing on a console at Starbucks. – Colton

After The CreditsEdit

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